Roberto Baggio admits that football needs a change amidst the European Super League plans of Juventus, Barcelona and Real Madrid.

Nine others joined the three clubs from England, Spain and Italy to form the Super League earlier in the year.

However, football fans protested against the competition that would have guaranteed the participation of its founding members throughout its lifetime.

Other clubs have pulled out of the agreement that formed it, but Juve, Barca and Madrid remain adamant that it is the way forward for football.

Former Italy and Juventus star, Baggio admits that football needs to change as everything in life is changing.

He, however, insists that whatever change happens to the game, it has to be to the benefit of everyone involved in the sport and not just the pioneers of the change.

“I think football needs a change. It’s indisputable,” Baggio told Revista Libero as quoted by Football Italia.

“The speed with which the project collapsed, however, must make us think.

“To navigate towards new horizons, with new projects, we need capable men, with already consolidated experience.

“I would be disappointed if we missed the opportunity to build something necessary, because the world changes, people change and TV changes too.

“That said, in any process aimed at improving something existing, the only thing that matters is that it can benefit everyone and not just those who thought about it.

“We have to create a culture of sport, therefore also of football, but we must never forget that it belongs to the people.”

The three clubs who are still party to the Super League agreement are continuing to work to see the idea succeed and we could see it get revived soon.