Barcelona defender, Gerard Pique, has added his voice to the critics of the botched European Super League as Juventus, Real Madrid and Barcelona continue to support the idea.

It made the headlines about a year ago when 12 clubs started a new competition which would replace the Champions League and would be a closed shop among its founders.

Fans hated the idea, and some governments frowned at it, which saw it collapse within two days. Nine of the founding members have renounced their membership, but Juve, Barca and Madrid continue to push for its success.

Speaking about the idea recently, Pique said, as quoted by Il Bianconero

“it destroys football because only the big clubs benefit from it, it’s not the best thing for the fans. 

“The Superlega has become something very political here in Spain, the press is controlled from different people who support the project, it’s not the same in the UK where so many fans are against it. 

“In my view, you destroy football because you only favor the big clubs. I don’t think Real Madrid, Barcelona and Juventus did the right thing, even if I fully understand their position. For the fans I don’t think it’s the best thing.”

Juve FC Says

This shows that even some players are against the idea of the Super League and it is not just the fans.

Football needs reforms and the protagonists of the Super League had a once in a lifetime chance to bring that change.

But they flopped when they made the idea a closed shop and they might never get a chance to revive it again.