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Bayern 4 – 2 Juventus – We are sad, shaken and hurting…

March 17, 2016 - 11:25 am

Sitting in my den of iniquity, the daylight gaining brightness and seeping through the rips in the curtains, I looked upon the entirety of extra time with my heart sinking with every passing second. Even the brief flurry of an always unlikely late comeback failed to register in my baleful glare any change. For we were beaten in the 91st minute, not the 120th. The capitulation and subsequent stay of execution was deeply painful for us all to endure. Yet now is the time for reflection, as we allow the despondency to work its way through our system, knowing that like everything else in life, it won’t last an eternity, no matter how horrid we presently feel.

It is all too easy and natural, when losing after finding ourselves so desperately close to an outstanding triumph, to embrace the blame game. Try to make sense of what hurts so much through pointing the finger, yet this helps nobody, neither ourselves or the accused.

I am proud of the club, the players, the manager, and each of every one of us, whose tides flow with Juve as the moon and the wind.  The most valuable conclusion I can make of what transpired at the Allianz is as follows…

Firstly, and most poignantly, we were 90 seconds away from a victory which very few were confident we would achieve, or that any team could achieve, but Barcelona. Other than which, we were disastrously and unfairly hard done by the decision to wrongly disallow Morata’s goal.

allegri, juve, champions league, 2016, bayern

All Allegri’s fault? What of Morata? Cuadrado? Lichsteiner? Mandzukic? All had great chances to score…This focus on the man who has taken us to our first final at the top level for many moons, recovered a faltering season superbly, is nothing short of shameful.

The reasons for our collapse are myriad, yet to place the responsibility solely in Allegri’s lap is damn wrong. For we cannot enjoy and praise his success, without accepting that sometimes, like the players, like ourselves, he will fail. Yes, without any doubt whatsoever, the substitutions proved as much our undoing as the goal which never was, but I can understand Allegri’s thinking. We were tiring, which was naturally inviting pressure onto our rearguard and Bayern were inching ever closer. We had given so much, the decision to make was to try freshen the side, by turning to the bench.

It was strange to find Morata removed, for he had been our finest offensive weapon and despite his spurned opportunities, he created a goal beautifully, had another chalked off wrongly and gave his strongest performance of the season. Had he signalled to the bench his fatigue? Had Mandzukic been included when not fully fit. I suspect the latter. Why not Zaza instead? He is quicker, more focused on the final third and has suffered no injuries of late. Still, his experience on such a stage is nominal when compared to that of Mario.

The move to replace Sami Khedira was understandable, as he was walking more than running, and whilst in hindsight I scream into the past ‘NOT STURARO, BRING ON ASAMOAH’, at the time I agreed with the move.

The final sub, Pereyra, again made some sense, given his ability, yet in light of his complete absence of form after missing most the season, the move was questionable.

Every player brought on proved far less valuable than those they replaced. The subs backfired, in a huge way. In complete contrast to the first leg, one of many parallels, such as the flow of the game with the away side dominating, creating chance after chance, yet only managing 2 goals, before been clawed back to level terms.

I place no blame on Allegri. The experience will be enriching in the long run, for both manager and players. And we must understand where we were just a few months back. In dire straits in the league, suffering our worst injury crisis for many years, miles off the pace and facing a season of struggle wherein even champions league qualification seemed a very tall order indeed.

I could delve into analysis of the misfortune of suffering yet more injuries before the match, yet it will not change a damn thing. So I prefer to focus on the many reasons to be cheerful.

Presently, we have just lost to one of the top two sides on the planet, after dominating them on their own patch and finding ourselves within a whisker of deservedly beating them, we are top of the league and have the opportunity to complete the domestic double for the second year on the trot. We have two new world class players in our ranks, Sandro and Dybala, a strong nucleus, and if Pogba remains, we are only going to come back stronger next term. Even if Pogba departs we will receive a king’s ransom which can be reinvested in other proven talent.

We changed many players last Summer, lost three of world class calibre, have found two more in their stead and will find more in next transfer window. A team in transition, slowly finding its identity. Who took the battle magnificently to an established powerhouse of the elite. We emerge with our pride and respect nourished. And will be seen rightfully as a team no other wants to face next time the balls are swirling and the group stages are decided. Even more so in the knock-out phase.

dybala, juventus, 2016

One of several reasons to be cheerful…We have a striker destined for true greatness in our ranks. How he was missed! Yet he will find glory in that shirt. I can feel it in my femurs.

I am happy to ponder us in the 3-5th bracket, alongside the two sides from Madrid, in my own global rankings. It signifies progress and a steady, consistent return to the upper echelons of continental football. To thrust ourselves to the very top, we simply need more of the same, more experience and to add greater talent to the squad in depth. All of which I see running on schedule. To reach the final, lose to one of the best sides of history, then be turned over, in odd circumstances, by a poor mistake by the officials and the side most feel as number 2 in the world, is no reason to cry and curse and feel anything other than our forward momentum.

Player Ratings


The legend made a couple of solid saves and blocks, and its a nod of respect to the remarkable quality in the Bayern offence to add, that its the first time I have seen Santo Buffon concede four goals in one match which he had no chance of saving. At 38, I believe I have heard whispers suggesting the elder statesman of the side will play until he is 40. End with a world cup and champions league victory in 2018! Why not eh? 6

Barzagli –

The rock gave his best, worked tirelessly and fought damn hard. I cannot presently bear to watch the goals again, other than the first two, and so cannot confirm if he was at fault for any we conceded, yet I saw a commendable, solid showing of dear Andrea. 7


Unfortunately, my memory suggests that I was disappointed with Big Leo, for losing his player on a couple of all too important occasions. His standards have been set so high, that this performance must be seen as below par. The burly stopper was unable to find time on the ball to distribute from the back and resorted to too many fouls and dramatic efforts at play-acting to suggest he had been hard done by, some of which he got away with, some he didn’t. World class on occasion, yet not last night. 6

alex sandro, juventus, brazil, 2016, champions league

Alex Sandro proved his mettle against Bayern.


The Brazilian, finally afforded a role as a true winger, proved a sabre sharp thorn in the Bayern side throughout. Tackling, bombing forward, dribbling, spreading the play, all of his endeavour deserved better than the result we were forced to accept. A very bright future indeed. And yet another amazing signing. When I see a player who improves game after game, I am thankful of his presence in our ranks. 7

Evra –

Like many of his comrades, he ran out of steam. And once the wind stopped blowing in his sails, and the spritely Coman entered the fray, his age began to show. His mentality and intelligence and wealth of experience is welcome, yet this game proved to me that we need to implement Sandro or purchase a new LB for next season. I must add that Douglas Costa was superb, yet matched on the whole by Evra, until he moved central for our old chum Kingsley to take his place on the wing, when our destiny took a turn for the worse.  Perhaps that was Guardiola’s plan. Wear the frenchman down then bring on his young compatriot. Patrice gave his all, yet it was simply not enough. 6


Stephan tackled well, covered and supplied decent support on the flank. He has more work when Cuadrado plays, and faired well enough against top drawer opponents. Missed a chance when finding himself in front of goal on his left peg, yet considering he is a fullback, I cannot criticise, for its welcome enough to see him finding such chances. 6.5


I was worried about his fitness, as always, yet he was formidable. His intelligence on the ball and in the tackle is a joy to behold when he is in such form. Not in any way overawed, picked out smart passes and displayed exactly why, when fit, he remains good enough to mix it with the very best. 7


Took his goal brilliantly, created for others, recycled the ball gloriously and reminded many why he has the reputation of one of the most complete midfielders in the game, even at the tender age of just turned 23. Much of our potential to further improve next season is rooted in whether he remains in our colours or departs. When you see Pogba tired, you know we have been in a very serious battle. And tired he was, yet he kept going, to his credit. Driving the team onwards, always seeking the ball. A commendable showing. 7.5

hernanes, juventus, 2016, champions league

The invisible man…Hernanes


This is where the ratings become tricky. I simply didn’t see him, though felt or assumed when we were in the ascendency that he was making himself useful. Yet how, when, where? Perhaps he was covering? Drawing players away from the action? Yet the fact remains, I simply never saw him. Maybe he looks a little similar to a short haired Khedira from a distance? And in the thick of the fray, I gave him the benefit of the doubt and assumed he was Khedira! What is for certain, is that he did not impose himself on the game, as all and any central midfielders must, as a bare minimum. Due to my total non-recollection of his participation aside from his grimace as he faced a free kick from the flank…5

Cuadrado –

We saw exactly why I have problems with accepting the Colombian is good enough to compete at the very top. He took his goal remarkably well, it was a brilliant piece of control and composure. Yet just before half time was called, he had what seemed an easier chance, and tamely failed. His pace is a wonderful asset for the side, yet his lack of consistent potency in the box lets him down time and time again. I’d be happy enough if we sign him, yet not at all bothered if we send him back to Chelsea. As a squad player, especially when deployed high up the field, he can be a match winner as much as a persistent failure. With the right coaching, perhaps his composure could become more telling, which when added consistently to his lightning fast feet and simple tricks on the ball, would make him a much better player. However, as things stand, for me, he is mainly making up the numbers presently. And had others been fit, I expect he would have begun on the bench. Regardless, I salute his effort and well taken goal. 7


Immense. His pace and control and awareness are world class. Yes yes! He missed a couple of chances, but he made a goal through his incredible dribbling at manic speed and was horrifically unlucky to have a legitimate goal called wrongly offside. He caused Bayern no end of trauma. As much as I am a fan of the industry and grit of Mandzukic, the Spaniard proved he is back, and we must integrate him into the starting XI for the remainder of the season, make him feel loved, allow him to blossom, pray he chooses to stay…if he has any choice in the matter. In terms of how? That is Allegri’s job, not mine. The only issue with Morata is that sometimes I sense he still feels he is playing for Real Madrid! Which is ridiculous…or is it? For he fires up almost solely when we face the strongest sides, as if such is his confidence and expectation, that he doesn’t need to focus so potently against weaker opponents. Considering his injury problems, and haphazard season, this was a sterling performance. 8



He has a lot more to offer than what we saw against Munich. His lack of games of late revealed itself awfully and regrettably, yet I am convinced of his mental strength and after such a wretched outing, he will bounce back ever more determined to prove himself worthy of the shirt. My instincts lead me to conclude that Allegri saw him as our lucky charm in Europe, for good reason, and he trains as a natural apprentice to Khedira. Unfortunately, he was shocking. 4

Mandzukic –

Other than a chance to strike on goal in extra time, when he fluffed his lines, Mario was woeful and no threat whatsoever. He had assuredly been told to stay high, attack the centre-backs, replace Morata as our reference point in attack, use his strength to hold up the ball and allow others to flow past him, to then find. The reality was far from those ideals. For Mario played more in the midfield than the final third, did little of use with the ball, appeared aggressive, nothing else. Poor pace, schoolboy control, a terrible end to his European campaign. He has done ever so well whilst Morata has been recuperating from his physical and emotional travails, yet now we must accept, that the Croatian is a squad player, at best. And is too one dimensional to trouble the likes of Bayern. Picked a poor time to offer a useless performance. 4.5

Pereyra –

Injured for most of the season, barely a taste of regular first team action this calendar year, he was a strange choice to bring on in the 89th minute, when Asamoah or Zaza would have surely potentially offered more vitality. Still, his former ability – of last season – to link the midfield and attack was perhaps worth a roll of the dice, yet it was a serious risk at such a vitally important pivot of proceedings. Roberto was shocking in every aspect of the game. At best, he is a player who needs a steady run of games to regain his rhythm, at worst, he may prove a one season wonder. And that season was now long ago. 4


Whilst his substitutions played into Bayern hands, the manner in which he set up the team, in a fashion I have not seen before, nor expected, proved absolutely perfect. I take the rough with the smooth. Given the titan performance of Bayern in the first leg, we would not have been in with a shout, were it not for Allegri’s alterations. He wrought from our patched up ranks a phenomenal performance, which went so close to making our shared dreams reality. I remain, very happy indeed to have him as our Manager. 6.5

morata, juventus, 2016, champions league

My Man of the Match…Morata won us the game, were it not for a dodgy linesman.


The battle was almost won, yet lost. We gave a wonderful account of ourselves, ran out of steam after giving our everything, which was so nearly perfect. Ask yourselves if you would have preferred to find us listless and dominated and beaten 4-0 or to have ridden the rollercoaster of emotions which transpired? I will always opt for the bliss and the agony. One never comes without the potential for the other.

You often learn more in life from a defeat than you do from a victory. For Victory teaches us little, Defeat teaches us how to become victorious. I believe this to be the case with Juve. We know where we belong and are well on our way to reaching our destination.

The odd formation of Cuadrado and Sandro as true wingers worked a treat. I believe that this is where we can glean the best of the still blossoming Sandro, and if we can add a comparably consistent counterpart on the right flank, we will become…something similar to the Bayern side which just put us to the sword.

There is work to do for Beppe and his hatchet-man Paratici; they have got us this far and I have total confidence they will continue to work diligently to forge our path ever deeper on our journey to rejoining the best of the best. We are clearly, not far off at all. 90 seconds! So look upon this as doom and gloom if it suits and brings you some solace, whilst I will smile, and be proud, of what we have achieved and what I know we will achieve. For of all the drenched with brutally earned wealth teams like PSG, Chelsea, Man City…Juve have a soul, a heart and I am so amazingly proud of our effort and quality and spirit. And to feel that my own heart beats in time…

We came so close, yet this isn’t to be our year…I am convinced, such a result is merely the – to be expected – birth pains of the creation of a side set to year upon year rub shoulders with the elite, for that is where we are headed, and that is where we shall find ourselves.

So have faith, my fellow Juventini, we are well on our way to supreme glory…

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  • Avatar
    Thomas Mafa Jan March 17, 2016 at 12:58 pm

    And then we jump….

    Juventus gave a way a golden opportunity yesterday when it seemed they had everything going for them. the goals, the chances and the confidence.
    with only 15 minutes left to play fell the first of many blows for the team.
    i wanna say i was opptimistic when bayern scored, but to be honest i knew where this was going. In the 90th minute i almost regained hope, when evra fumbled the ball, and the rest is history.

    juventus have now survived the group stages for two years in a row, and its unthiknible that this wont happen again. The squad is solid, the coach is good, the managment is great, and the fans are gold

    After the game, many juventus fans on the dutch forum ‘voetbalzone’, claimed their pride despite having given away the best opportunity to make a huge statemetn to the world. at least that is what most people were saying:

    Juventus had no chance against bayern, and over two matches juventus proved far more daring than anyone (including me) expected.
    Juventus drew 2-2 at home, and everyone said this was it, in germany they will be toast.
    Yet juventus managed to push (without having 3 of their most increadible players on the field) bayern almost off the edge, but in the end falling themselves.

    After the CL final of last year i have to say i was a little sceptical. Yes juventus was amazing and in the final even made some great actions, but tbh: juventus was not better than Bayern or Barca, and i feel they were lucky against Madrid.
    This year Juventus did not get the chance to play against a team such as Monaco, and didnt have the easiest group stage either. Yet i feel like juventus proved something with the last two matches that others who do not regularly watch juventus did not know.

    Mentality is gold, and juventus have a whole load of it.
    I imagine that in the next years (3-4) juventus will be seen alongside with others as favorites to take home the CL troffey, but unfortunetally that time is not here yet.
    I especially thought this time was not here yet after last year, thought i wouldnt have minded if they brought home the cup with the big ears.

    But here we are now: planting our flag in the Allianz arena and making (what i think is) the best team in world shake till the very last minute.
    For now we will focus to win the league again for a record 5th time in a row, and put our hands on the beautiful coppa italia. But we must look to the future.

    Juventus are like a monkey on a rope, swinging from one tree to the next. Important for the monkey is to not jump too early, to not abandon saftey for premature glory and risk it all. We saw what happened with Chelsea and Inter after they respectively won the CL, and i have to say that post winning they were far from impressive. THis is not something i want to happen to juventus. We are ambitious but at the same time modest.

    For us to make that jump to the next tree, we will need some more, small, improvements. But the moment that that rope gains a bit more momentum and we see the opportunity to strike, we will be right there.

    The community, the whole concept of Juventus has in my eyes never been this great. Many friends stating they wanted juventus to go through, and that with a bit more luck they could be up top and win… I dont want luck, and neither does the organization. juventus is steadily and responsibly making their way up -without the use of throwing money around, or buying over the top verterans to give the team more spice-, and are impressive to all who look.

    We have to wait, accept that this year is yet the year, but remain supportive of the best team i have seen in many many years.

    We have to wait till we can clearly grab a hold of the top flight in european football. we have to wait just a little longer till this rope swings us back again next year and we can show our class once more

    we have to wait for this swing, And then we jump

    Forza Allegri, the players, the managment, the fans
    Forza Juventus!!!!!

    • Avatar
      DutchJuventus March 17, 2016 at 3:33 pm

      I might have asked this before, but do you comment on voetbalzone? More and more people there are starting to respect Juve and their fans on voetbalzone.

      • Avatar
        Thomas Mafa Jan March 17, 2016 at 4:49 pm

        People are starting to see that us braging about the seria a getting better is not just blowing smoke, but actual real changes! very happy with this.

        I do comment, but due to my international education im reluctant to comment often in dutch for fear of being called out on grammatical mistakes 😛

        User: RobotRock


        • Avatar
          DutchJuventus March 18, 2016 at 3:05 pm

          I have seen you around, mine is JuveBato, i don’t comment that often because i tend to get mad when Juve aren’t doing so well, i left the live meepraten thread as soon as Bayern scored the 2-2 :p Also because i have been banned for 4 years before for picking a fight with an Inter fan, he started though. I’m trying to avoid getting banned again.
          Yeah voetbalzone can be quite childish when it comes to grammar. I’m better at english too at times, but i usually just ignore when people post childish reactions to my comments.

          • Avatar
            Thomas Mafa Jan March 18, 2016 at 4:09 pm

            ahhh yes i recall we had the conversation about you being banned before XD

    • thegutterpoet
      thegutterpoet March 18, 2016 at 10:11 am

      I implore you to keep such welcome words coming, Thomas!

      I doubt we can reach Barca’s level, not until a few of their players have moved on. They have world class talent in every position, and their second string would beat most sides first XIs. Yet we can reach the level of Bayern I believe. Through continuing to improve the squad year upon year, continuing to achieve in Europe, and doing our utmost to keep our star players.

      Presently, I see us as alongside Real, Atletico and perhaps the still maturing (coach and squad) PSG side. Chelsea will return to become a major force to be reckoned with, although not with Conte as manager. They need Simeone and may get him, which will weaken Atletico in turn. Real will always have the money and the allure.

      We must manage our expectations. We must accept that despite the agony we are making certain progress. The results of this season in Europe confirm that the Italian league, compared with others, is weaker. Which doesn’t help our cause in any way, yet Juve stand alone in Serie A as a side of growing respect and a storied history of success and challenging for major honours. It has taken a fair while to bounce back from the calciopoli bloodletting routine, yet we have returned. For example, we see Rummenigge speaking of his bother with Bayern having to play such a great rival at this early stage of the competition, intimating such a tie is worthy of a semi-final or final itself. This is respect. We are back.

      I would like to see Allegri sign an extension, which should happen in a week or two. I have full faith in him and the management to invest wisely and continue to nourish and develop the side, which remains in a transitional phase. For after losing three world class players in the Summer of last year, we were forced to rebuild. The horrid, steady spate of injuries has curtailed the squad development this season, yet still I see us at least maintaining a level of greatness, both domestically and in Europe. Much of this is down to Allegri, much of this is down to the senior members of the squad. The beauty of the haphazard squad selections forced by injuries, is that the present Juve has plenty of room to further improve. And it is here where Allegri must focus for the remainder of the season. Integrate Rugani, Morata, Sandro…all of which seems a necessity. Give Lemina the chance to impress. Dybala and Morata must be played…together.

      Far from a decrease in our reputation, I believe that the matches against Bayern will have added to our allure, encouraged more players to become eager to be a part of what we are doing, where we are headed. The only issue we face which is insurmountable, is money. We can be outspent by Chelsea, Real, Barca, Bayern, PSG, Man U, Man City, Arsenal, and perhaps a couple of other premiership clubs once the new Sky deal takes effect (which is staggering). Players like Sanchez and Aguero we were very keen indeed to procure…the only reason we failed to purchase them was that Man City and Arsenal could offer likely double, perhaps more than our maximum wage.

      To remedy this, or at least attempt to balance the scales, the management are investing in marketing globally, improving the scouting network, purchasing the very best of italian youth and increasingly attempting to do the same elsewhere. Its the only way we can hope to match…yet the problem remains, what happens in the Summer, when Real decide they want Dybala…He earns presently EU3m per year. Real can offer him three times that wage…with ease. Pogba is our highest earner on EU4.5m per annum. Again, this is small fry. For example, Aguero earns EU14m per annum…

      Only Juve and Atletico have made major progress in the champions league in recent seasons, without spending anywhere near as much as the financial powerhouses. Players need to feel happy, part of something, and to be challenging for the top honours. We can give them that, have a proud and honourable tradition and I was thinking, whilst watching Bayern ‘i would never want that evil eyed devil goat Muller or the vicious dwarf Lahm or the smarmy faced Lewandowski in our ranks. Decency for me, is of greater value than success.’. Noble…and why not eh?

      Ideally we can find a balance between both. Money does not always buy success, but it certainly helps. When Pogba leaves, many will say we have become a stepping stone, a feeder club to the big boys, but I suspect we will reinvest all, if not most, of the money received. We must focus on spirit, togetherness, a project which is based on a club mentality of all for one, and one for all, and belief, that we deserve to be challenging the very best, season upon season. Chelsea, City and PSG can buy world class talent, but they cannot buy spirit and love for a club…

      Exciting times, comrade…

  • Avatar
    DutchJuventus March 17, 2016 at 3:10 pm

    Great piece. We really should be optimistic, i am still very disappointed but i’m also proud of what we’ve achieved this season. We proved we don’t have to miss Pirlo, Vidal and Tevez at all. Speaking of Vidal, i really don’t like that he kept picking fights with our players. One of the times Pogba needed to set him straight after attacking Cuadrado physically.
    One thing i’m very worried about is the contract Morata has. Like probably all of us, i was very impressed by him yesterday, for Cuadrado’s goal he ran all the way from just outside our box all the way to their box, dodging the entire Bayern team and giving the perfect pass to Cuadrado. This was Maradona-like. I really don’t want him to leave, i think he’s very important to our later success. Especially our Champions League success.

    • thegutterpoet
      thegutterpoet March 18, 2016 at 5:25 am

      Cheers, Dutch…Indeed Vidal showed too much disrespect which went beyond the spirit of sporting competition. You would have thought he had some kind of score to settle, but for what? For giving him a platform to become recognized as a world star? Allowing him to leave when he pleased for a fairly small sum? Coman also seems to have a hint of arrogance about him, perhaps that is the effect of playing under a super ego like Guardiola, worshiped by many, mainly himself, as some form of demi-god, which he transmits to his players. Whilst publicly showing respect to other coaches and clubs who knows how he rouses the troops behind closed doors? Indeed, I was equally bothered by Vidal.

      Morata reminded many, myself included, why he is vital to our future. This contract situation is likely to continue until 2017, the last chance for Real to take up the option. I believe that Beppe has held discussions with Real to buy out the buy-out clause, effectively adding to the 20m transfer we paid initially. I’d happily see us spend another 10m on the lad to achieve that. Yet there seems louder whispers of Real using their option this Summer then selling him onto the Premiership for a large profit. The most important factor in all of this pondering is how important is the will of the player? Nobody seems to know…I do not believe that Beppe would have agreed to a deal wherein regardless of the player’s wishes, Real would use the option when they pleased. Therefore…its up to Morata.

      • Avatar
        DutchJuventus March 18, 2016 at 2:59 pm

        Morata has expressed several times he is happy with us. Who knows what happens in his head if City offers him 5 times the money we pay him, but that aside. I want to say it was stupid of Marotta to agree to that contract, but no one knew he would do so well with us, he’s still very young. Maybe our history with Zidane can put us in favour of keeping Morata?

  • Avatar
    Moderator March 17, 2016 at 5:12 pm

    I’m still in shock, truth be told.

    What TGP has written here is so apt and fitting, complete with a style that is entirely his own…..and for the briefest of moments it made me feel somewhat hopeful – That in itself, after such a deflating loss, is an achievement in itself. To read something that still manages to highlight the positives on such an eventuful night.

    Truth be told, I’m angry at the way we went out. There, i said it. I don’t hold anyone accountable, but…..we were the better side, right ? For 70 odd minutes, we played the perfect game, we outclassed them, made them look utterly one-dimensional… why am i now writing about us losing 4-2 ????

    It’s infuriating me – to see us gamble with a formation that hasn;t been used before this season in such an important game and find that it was the perfect answer to an almost impossible riddle… did we lose ???? How ???? 2 goals up and cruising – I’m not going overboard when i say there were moments in the first half where they looked utterly clueless.

    For some reason, this feels almost on par with the CL final last year – the difference is, for 90 minutes, we were the better team… did we throw this away ??

    I have the utmost respect for all the players and the coach, i could ramble all night about this match, but what is there to gain from that?

    I know Bayern are a great side, one of the best in the world, a footballing giant…..but so are we ! I’ll say this, just as i said before the game – we are not inferior to anyone. When we raise our game to the level of our opponents, we can go toe to toe with the best of them. The frustration comes from seeing the team stand off Bayern for the last 20 minutes – Maybe we couldn;t match them for intensity ? Maybe we tried to play to our apparent strengths by inviting the pressure onto us ? Mandzukic was injured and it’s no fault of his that he couldn;t replicate what Morata had done for much of the game, i just wish it had been Simone Zaza in his place.

    Could have would have should have…..this is going to take some time to get over. I’ll stop typing now and try and rewatch the game to understand just what went wrong. i suspect i’ll have more questions than answers by the time i’m through.

    Agonising night.

    • thegutterpoet
      thegutterpoet March 18, 2016 at 11:37 am

      Chief! What a wonderful outpouring, verbatim from the femurs and the passion coursing through your crimson rivers! It makes me demand you find the time to offer your reportage and reaction more regularly, for to find such sincerity in my mother tongue, causes my spirit to find solidarity in the howl of your agony, and my mind to enjoy and admire your ability to show yourself so perfectly in our shared language.

      We played better than Bayern for perhaps at best 30 minutes of the first leg, and for assuredly 60 minutes in the return. Our opponents had close to 60 minutes of total domination in the first leg, then 40 minutes of the same in the return. I would have had no complaints had we found ourselves 4-0 down in the first, and the same can be said of our period of comparable dominance in the second. If I am to ponder the entirety of the two legs, I cannot contest that Bayern played better for longer. By ten minutes! hohoho!…the major bother for me, is not Allegri’s subs, but the disallowed goal. Other than which, Bayern were slightly the better side overall.

      I am less concerned for how I personally recover from the heartache, for I have other concerns, far closer to home, of agony and conflict, which matter far more and are in my face, on a daily basis…In fact, I am looking to juve, slightly hesitantly, to offer me a lift, an upsurge in vitality, in how they…how we…respond to the torture found in Bavaria, when we face the local derby this weekend. Also the Gills of course, whose fortunes have taken a turn for the worse of late.

      I am a little longer in the fang than many found within this wonderful community YOU have created and promoted. Which allows me to understand how to contrast the times when we could duel with any team in terms of a transfer fee and wages, and were destined for glory every year with now, where we have been usurped in the money stakes, yet still, seem and feel destined for glory on some level, every year!

      Your allegiance to the cause, passion, steadfast devotion is admirable, my dear comrade! We are all fortunate to have you, not just for the site you work diligently to maintain, but as a feeling and thinking and open heart and soul whose solidarity for our shared cause is always remarkable and wonderful to behold and feel we are a part of!

      I salute you from afar…

      Your comrade, Daniel.

      • Avatar
        Moderator March 18, 2016 at 3:31 pm

        Dan, i don’t say this lightly….having you around has lifted my spirits considerably and added a new dimension to the site – Thank you, as always for the kind words comrade !

        I could rant, at length, and in language i;m not usually accustomed to, at all the many injustices we’ve had to ensure over the years in that godforsaken competition – Galatasaray, Nedved, the Pogba pen v Barca……but that would sound bitter and not in keeping with Lo Stile Juve…..i shall take it on the chin, comforted by all the many positives you have drawn from what was such a memorable night.

        Much like you, i look to the Bianconeri to ease those daily woes – The anticipation and build up to the weekends proceedings are often the perfect tonic to the day-to-day grind.

        As for the site, i can’t emphasise enough how much of a difference it’s made to have you join our little community. You and Enrico along along with all the regular visitors are the lifeblood and without you, this place would not exist as it does.

        onwards….onwards….onwards – If these is a silver lining to this dismal cloud that still hangs over our collective heads, its that we are now free to focus on that 5th title and give it our all……starting with that other team from Turin.

        A humble thank you once again and a sincere hope that the vodka is flowing and the skies are blue and clear where you are !


  • Avatar
    Rocke Linez March 18, 2016 at 2:19 am

    I always consider myself as perhaps one of the biggest Allegri fanboy and his staunchest defender. I still am to be quite honest, but I just can’t accept that much mistake from him, I feel like he have betrayed me.

    I don’t know when was the last time I’m this emotional about Juventus, 1998, 2003, 2006, I feel like the old lady has a habit of testing her lovers loyalty, I love her very much but I’m really mad at her for the moment.

    It’s been two days since that game, probably I should’ve been at least calmer inside, but I’m not, I’m still burning in rage, bella signora mia is consuming me.

    I want to love you like I always do, and as you should be, but please stop testing our loyalty, because you really don’t have to, those who loves you… loves you.

  • Avatar
    AmsterdamJuventus March 18, 2016 at 3:34 pm

    Guys, I know it has been a while since I dropped in here, but needless to say that my deep disappointment and pain doesn’t allow me to sleep properly since that game on Wednesday. It hurts so much and I feel so angry and disappointed for the way it all turned around for Bayern, when we had it all going for us and would have killed the game several times. The ref was an assh*le and then Sturaro, Pereyra (whom I like very much) and Mandzukic all disappointed me and especially Morata (for his Brilliance) so badly…I feel like Chiellini would have really helped us with all those crosses…I can’t believe Bayern beat us to headers twice considering our more or less height advantage in the team as a whole

    • Avatar
      Moderator March 18, 2016 at 3:37 pm

      it still hurts amico…….so many times, we were simply the better team. What i really enjoyed most was how ordinary we made them look. Even with all our injuries, we pressured them until Pep looked so confused that he had no idea what to do next.

      2 minutes from glory – this sport can be so cruel at times, i swear – And then theres us, who pin so much on these victories and the way 90 minutes can affect us, not just for a day, or a week, but for months and years, in some cases.

      It’ll take time to get over it…..but we have Torino next – We can still do amazing things this season….and i believe we will

      • Avatar
        AmsterdamJuventus March 18, 2016 at 5:10 pm

        Thanks bro, we are in this together and hopefully time will help us heal. And now Bayern will play Benfica, which is a direct access to the Semi-finals, it hurts even more considering we were the better teams and we would have had the opportunity to at least make the semis…thereby making a statement on the CL stage for second consecutive season…that is so depressing mates…Moderator this sports is really cruel…and I applaud your courage to go re-watched the match again, I simply can’t…I can watch the only highlights up until 2-2, but I can stand the extra time complete collapse…I hope we/the players can actually move on from this, because I am concerned this disappointment may affect our players motivation

        • Avatar
          Moderator March 18, 2016 at 5:55 pm

          Call me Rav, everyone else does bro 😉

          I tell you this, i watched only 5 seconds of the game and then i turned it off – i couldn;t bare it. It was hard enough the first time, watching again was even more so.

          Part of me almost wishes we had drawn 0-0 or lost 1-0 in the normal 90 minutes……to come so close…..that the part that really hurts – We were so close !
          Bonucci and Khedira said some good things about picking ourselves up and then carrying on – i think thats the right spirit to have, much like what The Gutter poet has written above!

          We will win the title this season….we have to !

          • Avatar
            AmsterdamJuventus March 18, 2016 at 7:11 pm

            Okay bro, Yes I know the name Rav, was a regular here then when I moved from Amsterdam to Canada, lost a bit of that due to my new environment and time difference, that never stopped me though from watching all games…early Sunday morning, Saturday afternoon or get days off work when I know we are playing midweek like
            I thought as much, watching it again would not be so easy. You are right,0-0 or losing 1-0 would have been tolerable. I hope we can keep the spirit up and move on as Bonucci and Khedira said….
            Anything short of the scudetto this season would be unacceptable…

  • Avatar
    Moderator March 18, 2016 at 5:57 pm

    Comfort for those of us feeling weary – music to reinvigorate – Raindrops on your soul – listen, unwind – The genius of Nick Cave and Warren Ellis

    • Avatar
      LMJuveDK March 18, 2016 at 6:14 pm

      Now i feel bored instead of sad 🙂

      • Avatar
        Moderator March 18, 2016 at 8:40 pm

        what would prefer ? Metallica? 😉

        • Avatar
          DutchJuventus March 19, 2016 at 12:31 am

          Some Metallica lyrics are so agressive they will only piss you off more :p

          • Avatar
            Moderator March 19, 2016 at 12:09 pm

            that was kind of my thinking 😉 I figured something calming and soothing might be better

  • Avatar
    ho Hi March 18, 2016 at 7:30 pm

    Never never should Allegri take Morata and Khedira out. That was his biggest mistake.
    Even bayern fans saud that.
    We are all sad.
    But thats life sometimes.

    Next year we will kill them all.
    But I guess there will be pussies enough who call themselves Juve fans but then its ko games best of 16 etc in the ucl. They say: oh no why bayern etc!! And I hope we get Bayern and Real AND Barca and we shouldnt be afraid of losing. This is all bullshit.
    This Juve team with Götze coming in summer we will be 100%.

    Juve is a part of my life. And Life isnt always nice.
    Things can change in 90 seconds.

    So head up.
    Think always positive whoever the fuck knocks at the old ladys door.


    • Avatar
      Moderator March 18, 2016 at 8:41 pm

      bravo bro ! thats the spirit

      • Avatar
        ho Hi March 19, 2016 at 1:07 pm


        Tell me would Götze suits to Juve?
        And will Morata stay?

        • Avatar
          Moderator March 20, 2016 at 1:37 pm

          I think Morata will stay – Not sure on Gotze – He seems like a very special player, but also a ‘superstar’ – at Juve, it’s all about the team – I would like us to sign a creative midfielder though – if he’s not too expensive and prepared to work hard for the team, then why not ?

          • Avatar
            ho Hi March 20, 2016 at 2:13 pm

            I think the same. Isco would suit better.