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“Beautiful” Locatelli gives his reaction to Juventus beating Inter Milan

March 20, 2023 - 12:00 pm

Juventus midfielder Manuel Locatelli has described their win against Inter Milan as “beautiful and difficult” after the Bianconeri earned a 1-0 victory against their biggest rivals.

Juve’s win means they are now second on the league table, far ahead of their rivals, if their 15 points are reinstated.

The black and whites are working hard to still make the top four if the deducted points are upheld on appeal.

Max Allegri’s men have come back from a poor start to show some fine form and Locatelli admits winning at Inter is hard.

He says via Calciomercato:

“When you win at Inter it’s always beautiful and difficult, we’re happy and we certainly can’t speak of regrets for not having closed it. When you play so many matches row you enter in confidence, we have found an important set-up and we must continue like this. The role? Even playing in front of the defense I have to go a little further to look for a finish, I have two intelligent midfielders on my sides and I can afford it”. 

Juve FC Says

Beating Inter is not for everyone and doing a double over them shows we remain the biggest club in Serie A regardless of the circumstances we are going through now.

The win against the Nerazzurri will boost the confidence of our players and ensure we go into our next games expecting to win because we will do the work required.

If we win all our remaining games of the season, we could be in a very good spot by the end of it.

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