Medhi Benatia believes “people don’t realise how hard Juve work” and explains the “loser excuses” that other sides use when Juventus win.

The Moroccan international sat down with teammates Blaise Matuidi for YouTube channel Bros. Stories.

“That’s what people in Italy don’t understand. They are always looking for excuses, but don’t look at the way in which Juventus work.

“Before that, I was playing for Roma, so I was on the other side. I would say: ‘Oh Juve win but they don’t play well. They win because of the referee, because of this and that.’ You know, the same loser excuses, because losers always need an excuse.

“But when they see how hard we work and how seriously we take every detail, of course we get results. We are obliged to get results.

“Even you were telling me at the start of the season that Inter were really strong and Roma impressive, but I told you, listen Blaise, I know Serie A. In two months, there won’t be anyone left up there. These sides can win seven or eight, maybe nine or 10 games, but 38…

“Italian football is difficult, you’ve seen how hard it is. Every team plays the performance of a lifetime against us. It’s not just the players in the squad that makes the difference, it’s the hard work! Juve dominate in Italy today thanks to hard work.

“People don’t realise how hard we work. They should be here to see it with us.”