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Beppe Marotta: ‘Juventus for life’

September 10, 2017 - 9:03 am

Beppe Marotta Juventus will need to manage squad rotation this season and declares he and Fabio Paratici are tied to Juve for life.

The Bianconeri are faced with a number of injuries to the team ahead of the Champions League match against Barcelona, so changing the starting XI will be important for success.

“Last season we played 57 competitive games, on top of internationals, so there are naturally some problems to consider,” Marotta told Mediaset Premium.

“Massimiliano Allegri makes the most of the entire squad at his disposal.

“Leonardo Bonucci’s departure is more of a romantic loss than a technical one. Maybe Medhi Benatia is not going through his best period of form, but he does suit our requirements and over the course of a campaign he can make a decisive contribution. He’s a real professional and I believe he is up to the task.

“The mercato? I think a reduced transfer session is opportune, as we saw it created problems within various teams and when the season starts, we need to have a direct link with our teams.”

“New contracts? Paratici and I are very happy at Juventus, we get along well with everyone and have helped set up a winning model. There is no contract renewal, but we are tied to this club for life, unless of course Juventus tell us otherwise. It’s an idyllic union.”

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