Former Juventus director and Inter Milan executive Beppe Marotta has criticized the decision to withdraw the Growth Decree from Italian football. The Growth Decree has played a significant role in the development of Italian football over the last few seasons, with clubs such as Juventus benefiting from its provisions.

The decree has contributed to the influx of top foreign talents into Italian football and last season, Italian clubs had a representative in the final of all three European competitions. This progress is seen as a positive outcome of the decree, making Marotta question the wisdom of withdrawing it.

Despite efforts by the Italian Football Association (FIGC) to extend the withdrawal date, the government insisted on its removal. The consequences of this decision on football in the country remain unclear, but Marotta’s criticism suggests concerns about its potential impact.

Reacting to the news, Marotta said, as quoted by Tuttojuve:

“At a time when Italian football was rising at European and world level – the manager’s words to TG1 – with three teams that participated in the finals of the major continental competitions in the past season, the fact of abolishing this tax relief from the growth decree represents an own goal for football and for the country’s economy. There are coaches who have come here and who have benefited from this relief.”

Juve FC Says

The Growth Decree was helpful to football in Italy, but we expect clubs to make the necessary adjustments, and we will not be seriously affected negatively.