Juventus and Beppe Marotta have confirmed that they are to part ways when his contract ends on October 25.

The announcement came out of the blue and brings to an end one of the most successful collaborations in the clubs history.

“It has been a remarkable eight-year run, Juventus will always be in my heart,” Marotta told Sky Sport Italia.

“I want to announce this because a list of the directors will be released on Monday and my name won’t be on it. I thought it only right to anticipate and give that news before anyone tries to create a different version. The ownership have made a decision to enact a profound renovation.

“The natural end to the mandate is October 25 and will not be renewed. I will remain as director general of the sport area. For how long is a detail we’ll decide with the President.

“I can categorically exclude the report I will be a candidate for the FIGC Presidency. That is not an experience that interests me.

“We’ll explain in more detail later on, but this is what I felt the need to confirm right now. It is an emotional moment. I’ll never forget what Juve have meant to me.”

Juventus have since confirmed Marotta’s departure in a statement on the clubs official website:

“The club is enacting a period of profound renovation. My mandate as general manager expires on October 25 and my name will not be on the list of the Board of Directors that will be presented on Monday.

“For the moment, I will remain director general, but I felt it important to communicate this to avoid speculation and we will evaluate my position with the President over the next few days.

“These have been eight wonderful years crowned by success stories and Juventus will always remain in my heart.”

Speaking after Juve’s 3-1 victory over Napoli, Coach Max Allegri heaped praise on the Juve Director:

“I think we had four-and-a-half wonderful years together. He is the best European director. He built Juve along with all the other directors to create a winning team. To be honest, I don’t know what to say, because this is news to me as well.

“The director will be missed, but we’ll have to cover his absence.”

Speaking since the announcement, Marotta has hinted that he was forced to leave the club as opposed to making the decision himself, saying “The club has decided to enact a period of profound renovation,” while a report in the Corriere della Sera quotes Marotta as saying “I was no longer in sync with President Agnelli.”