Domenico Berardi’s potential transfer to Juventus has generated significant speculation, as the Sassuolo standout expresses a desire to play for a more prominent club.

Berardi’s history with Juventus traces back to an earlier signing, which was followed by a loan-back arrangement with Sassuolo. Eventually, the latter club secured his permanent transfer.

Now, Juventus is eyeing his return, a move that has sparked intense competition for his services within the team’s ranks. Juventus believes that Berardi could thrive under the guidance of Max Allegri, but journalist Giancarlo Padovan has pinpointed two notable challenges associated with this prospective transfer.

He writes in his column on Calciomercato:

“First issue: Berardi has been and will be openly opposed by the Juventus fans, who reproach him for his refusal from a few years ago and his declared Inter Milan allegiance. Even during his last appearance at the Stadium, every move by Berardi was met with a torrent of jeers.

Second issue: Either Allegri changes the game system to a 3-4-3 formation or Berardi would become a true substitute for Chiesa, being deployed as a second forward alongside Vlahovic or Lukaku (assuming he could potentially arrive)”.

Juve FC Says

Berardi is one of the finest players we can add to our squad in this transfer window and he will certainly arrive at the Allianz Stadium as one of Italy’s best forwards.

However, the Azzurri star probably has a big decision to make regarding what the fans think of him and how the manager will use him if he completes the transfer to the club.