During his career in sports and government, Silvio Berlusconi has never been known for his political correctness.

The former Italian prime minister is famous for his notorious jokes and comments which occasionally land on the borders of racism and sexism.

Even at the age of 86, the Monza patron still has a knack for a controversial joke, and not even a Christmas dinner would prevent him from landing a rated-R comment.

During his club’s Christmas dinner, Berlusconi promised his players a special gift if they manage to beat Juventus again or his former club Milan.

The extra incentive, according to the Monza president, is a bus full of prostitutes. Here are his exact words:

“We have found a good and kind coach, capable of stimulating our boys,” said Berlusconi during a speech in front of the Monza squad and staff as reported by TuttoJuve.

“So I myself have decided to put an extra stimulation on the players. Now we have the matches against Juventus and Milan, so if you beat one of these great teams, I’ll send a bus full of s**ts to the locker room”.

Ironically, Monza have already beaten Juventus earlier this season in what was Raffaele Palladino’s first match in charge at Monza. It was also the club’s first ever Serie A victory.