Federico Bernadeschi insists he did nothing wrong when celebrating his goal against Fiorentina: “I am a Juventus player and I respect my fans.”

The former Viola man opened the scoring against his former club and chose to celebrate the goal, a decision which annoyed sections of the Fiorentina faithful.


“A professional makes choices and has to pursue them in the direction he feels is right,” Bernardeschi told Sky Sport Italia.

“Obviously, there are those who are going to be in favour and those who are against. I think certain reactions ought to be avoided, but that’s part of football.

“I am a Juventus player and I respect my fans. Besides, I did nothing outlandish and I think I showed respect for everyone.

“I celebrated because a player must respect his own fans. I will always thank the club Fiorentina, because they let me grow and mature, so if I have arrived at Juventus, it is also thanks to them.

“I will never lack for gratitude towards the club, but a professional must follow his ideas and show respect towards his own fans.

“I thank all my teammates who were close to me during a night that was not easy and ensured I was able to stay calm. It’s a tough period of fixtures and now we must focus on a great performance against Tottenham in the Champions League.”