Federico Bernardeschi believes Cristiano Ronaldo is the best on the world: “I’ve always preferred him to Lionel Messi”.

The Juventus winger gave a lengthy interview to Tuttosport, discussing his time with the Bianconeri so far and his experiences of CR7.

“We all know Ronaldo the player and personally I’ve always considered him the best in the world,” he told Tuttosport.

“I’ve always preferred him to Messi. What I’ve discovered is that he’s an exceptional person, a humble lad with extraordinary personality which he transmits to everyone. It’s infectious. It’s in that regard that I’ve always preferred him to Messi.

“I remember the final of the European Championships when he had to go off injured in the first half, but on the bench he was an added coach.

“Juve was already an extraordinary club in terms of a winning mentality, with nothing to learn from anyone, but the arrival of Cristiano brought something more.

“Just think abut his red card against Valencia: the fact he’s won five Champions Leagues and five Ballon d’Or and cried because he was sent off tells you a lot about his passion.

“I went over to him to tell him to be calm, because he’s the best in the world and I didn’t want to see him cry. He didn’t deserved it because it really was an unjust red card.

“Having Ronaldo close is an example for the youngsters, even at a great club like Juve. You have to be intelligent, you’re training with the best player in the world and if you’re lucky enough to do that you need to try and steal a few things.

“It’s like riding a wave, he has helped me and still is. He’s an example to follow, obviously staying firm on your personality and objectives.

“I think Real Madrid have lost a lot, when the best in the world leaves you feel it. I think he deserves the Ballon d’Or, he also shone at the World Cup. He scored a hat-trick against Spain and not everyone can do that.

“Modric is a champion, but if I have to judge an individual award then, in my opinion, Cristiano made the difference in everything, also on a human level.

“He’s a step above the others, over the past 10 years he and Messi have been so superior that there’s no contest. When they retire someone else can win.


FLORENCE, ITALY – FEBRUARY 09: Federico Bernardeschi of Juventus FC greets fans during the serie A match between ACF Fiorentina and Juventus at Stadio Artemio Franchi on February 9, 2018 in Florence, Italy. (Photo by Gabriele Maltinti/Getty Images)

“Allegri? I have a wonderful relationship with the boss. He bent my ear a bit yesterday because I didn’t pass two balls in the second half [against Young Boys]… but I feel very comfortable with him.

“When he gets angry he makes himself heard and understood, even if the foreigners struggle with Tuscan a little bit! But he talks in English too.

“My form? It’s a result of evolution, but it was two or three years ago that I made a real leap in quality, on a mental level above all.

“As for my role models, I really liked Shevchenko, then the Italian number 10s from Baggio to Del Piero to Totti. It was beautiful to see them play.

“And it was nice seeing Toni,  Mutu, and Jovetic playing when I was a ball boy in Florence.”

“Mandzukic? Mario looks like a bear, but in reality he laughs and jokes with everyone. On the pitch though he’s pretty tough though…

“Buffon? A man of great character has left, someone who made history with this club.

“All you can do is thank him for what he left the club and the players. Now Chiellini transmits his ideas and his way of being captain.”