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Bernardeschi: ‘Important to have dreams’

February 5, 2020 - 4:19 pm

Juventus forward Federico Bernardeschi believes its important to have dreams as a way of cultivating your own path in life.

The 25-year-old was speaking at a Nike x School event in Milan and spoke to MTW about his upbringing, his values as a parent and his best memories in his career to date.”

On parenthood

“The goal is for my daughter to look at me as I have looked at my parents, they are a fundamental part of our journey, and they transmit healthy values ​​and principles to us.

“Unfortunately, not everyone is lucky to have them: some youngsters don’t have the luck of having parents around. I had this availability and I believe that parents must play a fundamental role in raising the healthy principles of their children.”

On the value of dreams

“It is important to understand one fundamental thing: each person’s journey is unique, as are the dreams of each of us.

“This has been lost today, there are characters in the digital world that attract great attention, and youngsters look at those characters trying to emulate them: if you don’t get there, then you feel you have failed.

“It’s not like that. Everyone has to cultivate their dreams and take their own path. Being yourself is the best thing in the world, and we have to transmit that.

“Success is not being equal to someone, but being the best of ourselves. Football is a team game.

“When you are asked to step back for the common good, a player must do it. Humility and self-denial first, in the locker room you can perceive and please the whole environment.

“Of course, even a footballer needs to feel protected and in the best conditions to do well.”

On his dreams as a child:

“Since I was a child I played with a football in Florence all the times. I had the opportunity to go on the pitch on several occasions.

“The game that excited me most was Fiorentina-Liverpool in the Champions League: the atmosphere of the Champions League was special, I stayed inside that moment for the whole evening, even at home.

“Growth? Those who are going through a growth phase need people who understand them and understand their dreams.

“It is fundamental, there must be a 50-50, parents and children: if you talk to me, I speak as a parent.

“When I imagine my daughter grown up, many things will have changed and I will have to be good knowing how to transmit healthy and clean values ​​to make her progress in life.

“To those kids who believe in their abilities I tell them not to give up at all, to believe in their dreams.”

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