Federico Bernardeschi hails Juventus as ‘a beautiful and unique world, where everyone helps you grow’.

The Bianconeri forward won his first double at the club last season and has cemented his place in the Azzurri setup over the last year.

“You become part of a beautiful and unique world at Juventus, which makes you grow from all points of view, not just in football,” Berna told Corriere dello Sport.

“Everyone who works at Juve helps you grow. Footballers have a wonderful job because we’re able to give emotion with our talent.

“However, we also have, and rightly so, responsibilities. Football is beautiful in its entirety, from the simplest gesture to the most difficult.

“The most beautiful gesture for me? Assisting a teammate because you use your talent to let your teammate score and celebrate together.

“The most important thing in sport is talent and I recommend only one thing to young players: to always have fun.”