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Bernardeschi: ‘I’m not in the best shape right now’

September 8, 2019 - 9:31 am

Federico Bernardeschi confesses that he is “not in the best shape right now” having barely featured for the Bianconeri this season.

The Juventus forward looked off the pace in Italy’s 3-1 victory over Armenia, in part due to a lack of playing time in domestic fotball.

“Roberto Mancini was cross, but he’s only right, as he wanted to express his anger when he saw the team struggling,” Bernardeschi told Rai Sport.

“We needed that to get ourselves back on track. We were unable to do what he wanted in the first half, which is a high press and play the ball. If we’d played like that a year ago in Armenia, I don’t know how it might’ve ended.

“The fact we won means we are making giant leaps forward, so the Coach and staff deserve praise. Now we can all believe what we were told a year ago, that we really were reconstructing the foundations of the squad.

“I’m not in the best shape right now. It’s not good to have played only eight minutes in Serie A this season, but that is part of the game. Juventus are one of the top three clubs in the world now and that means there’s going to be so much competition for places with champions.

“There are many talented players who remain on the bench. It could create problems for me at international level, but we’re still in early September, there are about 60 games to be played, so I will have my opportunities and be ready when called.

“I have a very good rapport with the Coach and he is free to make his choices based on what he sees in training throughout the week. There are a thousand factors to be considered and it doesn’t depend entirely on the player.

“The Coach was very clear from the start that he was disappointed to be put in that situation, because he had to leave out players who have won so much and any international club would love to have them.

“Everyone wants to play regularly, but the more champions you have in the squad, the more likely you’re going to win silverware, so it depends the way you look at it.

“I have to say, Juventus is the ideal club for a Coach so maniacal about details as Sarri. He thinks about football every minute of the day and there’s no better place for that kind of attitude than Juve.

“What Max Allegri did for Juve was fundamental and important, as he won so much, but every Coach has their own ideas. It’ll be a more entertaining Juventus, but also a winning one.”

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