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Bernardeschi: ‘Soon you’ll be begging Ronaldo to stop scoring!’

September 5, 2018

Federico Bernardeschi isn’t worried that teammate Cristaino Ronaldo is yet to score a goal for Juventus, insisting “Soon you’ll be begging him to stop!”

The Italian international was asked about the difference Ronaldo has made since joining the club and what effect it’s had on him.

“Cristiano? I now have the pleasure of training with him every day, and for a young player like me that is a treasure,” he told Corriere di Torino.

“I try to learn from him as much as I can. He is an added value. A perfectionist. A normal person off the field and a very positive one in the group.

“Would I go to play abroad in the future? I don’t think so, it’s not something that’s really not on my mind. I’m quite happy at Juventus and I want to continue at Juventus.

“What have I learned at Juventus so far? That your mentality is as important as your technical quality, and that the group’s interests are always much more important than the personal ones.

“Many young players believe that the moment they arrive at a great club that they’ve done it. But it isn’t so. It is, in fact, the start of a new journey, you enter a new dimension, another type of competition. You must always be ready, whether you play one or ninety minutes.

“Juventus is one of the best five¬† clubs in the world, so if you don’t give your best every single day then you are unconsciously spoiling yourself. Learning how to prepare yourself to win is sometimes more important than doing it.

“Cristiano Ronaldo hasn’t scored yet? Soon you’ll be begging him to stop!”

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