Massimo Ferrero insists that both Juventus and Cristiano Ronaldo are better off after his move to Manchester United.

The Portuguese re-joined his former club this weekend, with him making clear to the club that he wished to leave when asking not to start in our opening Serie A match of the term, before missing the second league fixture completely as he worked on his move.

Sampdoria president Ferrero insists that the move was the best result for all involved however, adding that Ronaldo must have realised that he is no longer at the level which he wants to be.

“At times it’s better to give up on a few Euro rather than keep someone who doesn’t want to stay with you and because of that isn’t giving their best,” Ferrero told Sky Sport Italia(via Football Italia).

“It’s better for all concerned that Ronaldo left and it’s better for him that he realised he was no longer the Ronaldo he wanted to be.”

Ronaldo definitely has a knack for scoring goals, and he has proven that tenfold for each club that he has played for, but there are definitely signs of him letting up, and we could well have parted ways just in time.