Why You Should Be Betting on Juventus Online

March 7, 2018

Not that you need n introduction, but Juventus, AKA the most internationally recognized Italian side in both hemispheres, are a proper Serie A club – they’re the oldest professional football club in Italy, boasting a whopping 32 league titles.

Why Juventus Are Worth Your Time and Money

That’s right – Il Bancioneri (the black and whites) have been on the scene since 1923 – and have dominated international and local football ever since. The late ‘90s alone boasted the likes of Zinedine Zidane, Gianluca Vialli and Alessandro Del Piero. Then the unthinkable happened… Juventus suffered a bit of a rough patch – a match fixing scandal meant they were relegated to the never-seen Serie B – a shameful punishment, complete with a 30-point deduction…which they successfully managed to bounce back from the next season.

What we’re trying to say is – this team knows what they’re doing, and it’s well worth having a punt on them – it’s an almost a sure thing that something good will happen once they get on the pitch. Their European league history is impressive in itself – they’ve won two Champions League finals (in 1985 and 1996), and are the frontrunners every single year to win the Italian league title – the Scudetto – yet again. For Juventus, even losing prize players (Paul Pogba – we’re looking directly at you), doesn’t dash Juventus’ hopes.

Betting On Juventus Online

Any online bookmaker worth their salt will have solid, regular coverage of Juventus’ matches, in Serie A, UEFA Champions League and the Italian Cup. They should also have a set of Juventus-related odds proudly on display, which change in real time as every goal is scored and – let’s be honest, when players are sent off or injured.

If you’d like to be a casual observer, then watch out for the results of other games, upcoming Juventus matches and other Italian Serie A clubs before diving in. It’s also well-worth checking out some of the newer, more exciting markets, including e-sports.

Sports Betting Online

Generally speaking, the easiest way to make bets on Juventus, or for any sport, is to do so online.

Be sure to read up on reviews of solid online casinos (such as this one, here) before committing yourself, and doling out any of your hard earned cash. Most online sportsbooks will even throw you a little extra to help seal the deal, which includes some pretty lucrative free bets, exclusive odds and even insider tips.

On top of all that, there’s even live coverage, commentary and in-play betting (which, if you’ve never seen it before, you have to experience). For the pessimists among us, some online bookies even offer money back on lost bets, as standalones or even as apart of an accumulator bet. It’s well worth a punt, knowing you have a bit of surety if all else (or even just one part) fails!

The Bottom Line

However Juventus play this season (we’re pretty certain it’s going to be ‘fantastically’, but then again, you never know), get ready for it by checking out some of the top online bookmakers to place your Juventus bets with – this season’s already looking exciting!

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