Juventus, Real Madrid and Barcelona have encountered a major setback in their bid to beat UEFA via the courts and create the European Super League.

They are the three clubs who continue to support the idea after the other nine sides withdrew their backing and returned to UEFA following a backlash from fans at its initial launch.

The protagonists had taken UEFA to the courts, hoping to secure a key win, but it has been revealed that the General Advocate of the European Court of Justice has declared that they could be sanctioned for trying to create a new competition while still competing in UEFA’s.

While it is not definitive, the report adds that the ruling will most likely be followed by the European Court of Justice, which will come as a huge blow to the clubs involved.

Juve FC Says

This will come as a huge disappointment to Juve and other Super League supporters, and it is likely to force them to abandon the idea for now.

This is because they simply will not survive if UEFA sanctions them by kicking them out of their competition, which is one of their major revenue streams.

But we expect them to appeal the verdict when it is finally handed out if it does not favour them.