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Bonucci and Romero had a row during the Coppa Italia final

May 20, 2021 - 7:30 pm

Even when he’s not on the pitch, Leonardo Bonucci would always find a way to make himself involved in the action.

The vice-captain is not one to sit on the bench and peacefully enjoy the match. No, he can always be seen trying to get as close as legally possible from the pitch, while shouting at teammates and opponents alike.

Juventus fans can still remember his pitch-side row with his former manager Antonio Conte in the semi finals earlier in the campaign, and the center back pulled off a similar exchange during the Coppa Italia final against Atalanta.

His foe this time happened to be a familiar name for Bianconeri supporters. Cristian Romero was tipped to become Leo’s heir in Turin, but the Argentine ended up moving to Bergamo instead, and La Dea are expected to maintain him on permanent basis.

The young defender had a row with Cristiano Ronaldo during the match which was caught by the cameras, but according ilBianconero, he and Bonucci exchanged some words in the early minutes.

The Atalanta player made an intervention on Federico Chiesa, and perhaps protested, as the microphones caught the Juventus defender, who was sitting on the bench, saying: “Romero, Romero! You didn’t speak until ten months ago. Stay silent.”

The report adds that Bonucci kept taunting his younger counterpart, as he later mockingly said: “Stop talking, phenomenon.”

Lovely stuff.

The source also mentions that Romero responded to the former Milan defender, but his words weren’t caught by the microphones.

What do you make of Bonucci’s questionable behavior?

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