Since the start of his career, Leonardo Bonucci has been a magnet for controversial incidents. The outspoken defender never shies away from making a statement, and it doesn’t always sit well with those around him.

In his latest misadventure, the Juventus captain ordered a female Azzurri supporter to leave the Italy bus, and not exactly in a kind manner.

The fan posted the video on social media, claiming that national team manager Roberto Mancini allowed her in, until she received her marching orders from the 35-year-old centre-back.

Bonucci can be seen and heard shouting at the fan, with his teammates looking uncomfortable with the whole situation.

Nonetheless, the veteran star defends his action and tells his own version of the events.

Leo claims that he only interfered when the fan refused to leave the bus despite several being prohibited to enter on several occasions.

He also explains that the team bus is an extension to locker room, and thus should be considered a private place.

“As national team captain, and in the face of what is being recriminated to me, I would like to clarify that the girl who got on the bus had been repeatedly filmed in her various attempts to get on the bus, without any authorization, let alone from the manager,” he posted on his personal Instagram account via JuventusNews24.

“She had been repeatedly asked not to enter the bus, having already had the opportunity to take pictures with almost all the players at the stadium exit and in the mixed zone.

“Ignoring the rules, she got on anyway and started filming what was happening on board.

“The team bus, like the changing room, are places where access to outsiders is clearly prohibited. If we are in a world that fights for respect for privacy then we players too, albeit public figures, have the right for it.

“Being the bad guy is never a problem for me. On the other hand, it’s not fair to paint me as someone who stands up and throws a person out for no reason.”