Moise Kean scored the only goal of the game as Juventus beat Verona yesterday in Serie A.

The Bianconeri are now on a fine run of form, which has seen them win five consecutive league games.

The striker’s revival is coinciding with the team’s return to form and he will hope the goals do not dry up.

After he scored against Verona, his elated teammates celebrated with him, but disaster could have struck.

A report on Tuttomercatoweb reveals a smoke bomb was thrown onto the pitch as the Bianconeri celebrated the goal and it exploded close to Leonardo Bonucci.

The defender was lucky to escape and the report reveals it could have been from the Juventus supporters.

Juve FC Says

Thankfully, this smoke bomb did not injure anyone, but we need to stamp out these acts from the fans.

It remains unclear how a fan was allowed to smuggle one into the ground, but it clearly is a breach of security protocol.

Hopefully, the authorities around the grounds will do more to stamp it out.

That win is an important one, but we need to turn our attention towards winning our next game against Lazio.

Ending the year with a victory over Maurizio Sarri’s side will be one of the best ways to end it.