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Bonucci: ‘I hope to hear the Curva sing my name’

October 4, 2018

Juventus defender Leonardo Bonucci hopes to hear the Curva sing his name again, following his return from AC Milan.

Bonucci controversially joined Milan in 2017 before returning to Juventus this summer following a failed stint with the Rossoneri.

“It’s nice to receive the applause from the Curva, as happened after my goal on Saturday against Napoli,” Bonucci told Corriere di Torino.

“I’ve always had the utmost respect for the fans. Obviously the past can’t just be erased, but I’ll give everything and more for Juventus.

“One day I hope to hear the Curva singing my name, as happened in the past.

“This is the strongest Juventus I’ve played for, and the one with the best character. The mentality in the approach to matches has changed. On paper at least they seem easier.

“We have more determination, ruthlessness and hunger. It’s a further step in our growth.

“There’s still a long way to go this season, everything seems simple now but it won’t always be that way.

“We’re awaiting December, which will be an important month for which we have to be ready mentally and physically.

“We need to put more gas in the tank to better manage the second half of the season, because between March and May we’ll be playing for everything.

“The pass to Dybala? When something that difficult comes off it’s gratifying. I like to make complicated things easy, but sometimes I do the simplest things wrong, like I did against Napoli.

“It was a bit of a lack of focus, and I have to improve in that regard.

Marotta leaving? For me personally, his departure certainly leaves a hole.

“Those who made the decision will certainly have had their reasons, and I can only hope that the director will find a position that satisfies him in the future.

“My son? As you know, Lorenzo is a fan of ‘Gallo’ Belotti and he likes Torino. At the end of last season he had a trial with Torino and he liked it.

“Having reached the age of six, there was the chance to enrol him in a football school. I don’t see any issue with his choice, all that matters is that he has fun.

“And that he doesn’t suffer too much in his father’s shadow.”

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