Leonardo Bonucci, the former Juventus defender, has expressed his deep connection to the club, affirming that it was an integral part of his life. He never contemplated leaving the Bianconeri before they abruptly removed him from their project during the summer.

Bonucci’s association with Juventus spanned a decade, during which he also served as club captain in recent seasons. He had hoped to conclude his tenure with the club in a memorable fashion, which should have extended into the current campaign.

However, Juventus made the decision to part ways with him at the beginning of the season as they embarked on a regeneration process, prioritising the integration of younger and more physically fit players.

Bonucci was evidently displeased with the decision and is reportedly planning to pursue legal action against the club, highlighting the emotional and contractual complexities surrounding his unexpected departure.

Speaking on his departure from the club one more time, the defender said, as quoted by Tuttomercatoweb:

“Leaving Italy, to be honest, was not in my thoughts. Juve was my life, I thought about playing there for the last year of my career, but I don’t want to talk about Juve right now.”

Juve FC Says

The Bonucci soap opera should end soon and we wish he could just stop talking about us and concentrate on helping Union Berlin, who signed him.

Life in Germany is good and he is playing in the Champions League, which should be why he is happy.

But it seems we hurt him badly and he will keep talking about the club for a very long time.