Juventus has deemed Leonardo Bonucci surplus to requirements for the current season due to his ongoing struggles with various injuries. However, this decision to part ways was initially communicated to Bonucci during the previous season.

The appointment of Cristiano Giuntoli led to pivotal choices being made at Juventus, resulting in some players being deemed expendable, including Bonucci.

Although Juventus has expressed the desire for Bonucci to seek a new club, the defender remains determined to change the situation and remain with the team.

Despite his determination, Bonucci remains outside of the team’s plans. Juventus hopes that he will secure a new destination before the current transfer window concludes.

A report from Il Bianconero reveals that the club had initially proposed his departure at the end of the previous season. The decision was motivated by Bonucci’s recurrent fitness issues. The club even extended an offer for him to have a proper farewell during their final home match of the season. However, Bonucci declined the proposal.

Now, despite his desire to stay, Bonucci finds himself in a position where he is being forced out of the club due to the team’s assessment of their squad needs. The situation underscores the complex dynamics between Bonucci’s wishes and Juventus’ strategic considerations.

Juve FC Says

Considering the sacrifices Bonucci has made for us, it seems unfair that we are booting him out this way, but every relationship comes to an end and he has to embrace the change and find a new home.

We have to move on with better, younger and fitter players if we want to achieve success.