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Bonucci’s father reveals the meaning behind Leo’s signature goal celebration

June 24, 2021 - 9:30 pm

For one reason or another, Leonardo Bonucci has never been truly adored by Juventus fans. A past with Inter, some mistakes at the back, and most importantly an awkward season spent at Milan have definitely left a mark on this relationship.

Nonetheless, the defender is currently the vice-captain of the club, and would always proclaim his love for the black and white colors.

The veteran is currently representing the Italian national team at Euro 2020, and Roberto Mancini has been heavily relying on the 34-year-old alongside his longtime Juventus teammate Giorgio Chiellini.

Leo has been renowned for his signature goal celebration, where would make the mouth-rinsing signature, and his father has finally revealed the meaning behind it. And let’s just say that Juve fans will enjoy the story.

“The gesture was born within the company of friends. None of them is a Juventus supporter, they all cheer for other teams,” said Claudio Bonucci in an interview with Sky Sport via ilBianconero.

“Leonardo told them: ‘when you talk about Juve, rinse your mouth!’ and this is how the celebration was born,” concluded the defender’s father.

Whilst this story won’t earn the center back any admirers from other clubs, the entire nation will be behind him and the rest of the Italy squad when they take on Austria in the round of 16 of the European championship.

The encounter will take place at Wembley stadium in London on Saturday night.

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