The World Cup qualifier between Brazil and Argentina yesterday was stopped after less than 10 minutes of play, and should the fixture be rearranged it could cause hassle to Juventus.

The Bianconeri had three players in the playing squads for the fixture last night, with both Danilo and Alex Sandro started the match from the kick-off, while Paulo Dybala sat on the bench hoping to make his mark later on.

Little football was to be played however, after health officials stormed the mitch minutes into the game to remove the away side’s Premier League stars, with the trio claimed to have lied on entry to the country.

Anyone having been in England in the previous 14 days on arrival to Brazil are supposed to quarantine, and health officials were not willing to overlook the decision by the travelling side to carry on.

The hosts hadn’t included any PL players in their playing squad, with the likes of Allison, Ederson, Fred and Richarlison the most notable absentees.

This could well cause hassle to Juventus in that a decision is yet to be made on the result, and the possibility remains that this fixture could be rearranged for a later date, meaning we could lose Danilo, Sandro and Dybala later into the season, and depending on the quarantine rules at the time, could mean they will miss up to the three fixtures depending on the timing of the rearrangement.

International fixtures have been a constant thorn in the side of clubs since the Coronavirus pandemic began, with many players returning to clubs with positive tests, and the hassle from the virus doesn’t appear to be going anywhere any time soon.