The Brazil national team has reached an agreement with Juventus to use their training ground to prepare for the World Cup.

The competition kicks off in November in Qatar and the South Americans are one of the favourites to win it.

Every nation would look for a base where their national team will prepare for the competition.

Brazil has searched and decided to pick the Juve Continassa training ground, according to Football Italia.

Club football would be suspended for the duration of the competition, so the players left behind need to keep fit.

However, Juve might send them on a break for some weeks initially, leaving their ground empty.

The Brazilians will now keep it busy and they will hope their preparations on it help them to win the competition.

Juve FC Says

This arrangement will ensure the training complex is used when our players are resting.

It is one of the finest facilities in the world and it is not surprising that the Selecao has selected it.

The most important thing for us would be for our players to stay in shape during the competition.

This is the only way we can hit the ground running immediately when club football resumes in December.