Well, that did not last long, did it?

The European Super League is on the verge of collapse following the news that English sides Chelsea and Man City have pulled out (BBC)

The fall out is now beginning, first Ed Woodward at Manchester United has resigned and it appears that Andrea Agnelli has now followed him.


What an absolute fiasco this has been and why the dirty dozen thought they could get away with this is staggering beyond belief.

Not to have consulted the fans and to exclude smaller teams and countries was always a disaster waiting to happen and so it has proven.

Official announcements will come later tonight from all the teams and you can expect a whole host of resignations to follow suit.

It is also very likely that some of these clubs will be sold, especially the American owned English sides.

As for Juventus, they will have to answer for this.

There was a lot of Juve fans that supported this but mainly because of the bitterness towards the football authorities over being demoted but this is a different time and they should have realised that.

This is just the beginning of the end and expect more recriminations to come.