Gigi Buffon doesn’t believe the Champions League is an obsession for him and reveals “nothing happened” at half-time in Cardiff.

The Juve captain confirmed next season will likely be his last and talked about Juve’s new additions to the squad.

“Yes, this year could be my final call and it’s really electrifying,” Buffon told Gazzetta dello Sport.

“I’m trying to take in the special aspects of the thing, as with all experiences. When you go to a place and you think it’s the last time, you appreciate the beauty more and you want to crystallise the emotions it gives you forever.

“It will be special as a season, but I want to make it even more formidable by performing to the level of my name, to help Juve repeat the beautiful years we’re coming from.

“Now or never for the Champions League? No, the Champions League has always been a motivation to improve and enjoy some emotions, like facing certain players in certain stadiums.

“It doesn’t cause me anxiety though and it’s not an obsession. It’s never had a negative meaning for me, and it doesn’t now.

“Why did I use the conditional in speaking about my last season? Catchphrases have always got on my nerves and I don’t want to become one. So don’t ask me every three games.

“Szczesny ? We have a good group of goalkeepers, including Del Favero and Pinsoglio. We all want to improve and learn.

“Last season Szczesny was the best goalkeeper in the League, Juventus did well in getting him because he’ll have a long future in Bianconero.

“I hope I can help him.”

“The Champions League final? We lost in Cardiff because we met a better team,” Buffon told Sky.

“Absolutely nothing happened, if it had then I’d stay silent and I wouldn’t even say these few words.

“I want the Bianconeri fans to know and be assured that our professionalism and attachment to this shirt would never allow such an important commitment to be destabilised by these phantom arguments which were recounted in the days immediately after the Champions League final and would only serve as excuses.

“We didn’t have any arguments at half-time, but only because we faced a team which put us down in the second half.

“For me, knowing that this year will be my last one is something captivating and exciting.”