Thiago Motta is expected to be announced as the new Juventus manager in the coming days after they sacked Max Allegri.

Motta has never managed a big club, but he did a fantastic job as the head coach of Bologna.

Juve was impressed and decided to make him their next manager after his tenure at Bologna ended.

He led the unfancied club to qualify for the Champions League, and now he will lead Juve’s rebuild and try to win some trophies for them.

Most people believe it is the right step for the club to take, and Gianluigi Buffon has also spoken about what he thinks of the former PSG player.

He said, as quoted by Calciomercato:

“If we were in the 90s, he would have been a top coach two or three years ago. He had an excellent career as a footballer and as a coach he gave important answers, especially with Spezia… he went to Naples as someone who was sacked and won, from these aspects you understand that we are dealing with someone different from the others.” 

Juve FC Says

Motta’s spell as the manager of Bologna was a brilliant one and it clearly demonstrated that he could do even more if he managed a bigger club.

The former Italy international has already proven he can do more with a lot less, and this is his chance to show that he truly is a great manager in the making.