Gigi Buffon believes Lionel Messi is a more complete player than Cristiano Ronaldo but acknowledges the two are very different players.

The veteran keeper was asked about the two players ahead of Italy’s friendly match with Argentina, as well as his own future with the Azzurri.

“Euro 2020? I think everyone has figured out the situation and know the role I played,” Buffon told the Press conference.

“I am welcoming, positive and think I have been very altruistic in my career, giving up on personal records for the good of the team.

“Once it was made clear that this would not be just a testimonial, because that would not have interested me, and that I’d be useful to the team… I came here with great enthusiasm.

“I may be 40 years old, but I am still the number one goalkeeper at Juventus.

“I don’t know if the last match of my career will be for Italy or Juventus. I do know it’ll be a calm and sober occasion. I entered into football on a Vespa, I’ll leave it with only a company car.

“Controversy? I already knew this was an odd country.

“Creating this sort of storm after 25 years in the Nazionale jersey, with alternate fortunes, and my contribution to the trophy cabinet, seems sensational to me.

“I am convinced, being an indulgent person, that in a few weeks those who wrote some things out of turn will end up writing something completely different.”

“Sampaoli’s comments on Dybala? I am very happy that he said that and hope Paulo hears it, because I know how champions react during moments of difficulty. There can be no greater motivation for a player of his calibre.

“When it comes to Higuain, we need a team performance to limit him and the other Argentina strikers.

“Messi and Ronaldo? They are two completely different players.

“Messi is more complete, because he starts deeper, has more technical quality and a vision of the game that is worthy more of a trequartista than a finisher.

“Cristiano Ronaldo, perhaps because he is a little older, has become a killer in the penalty area. Compared to how he was before, Ronaldo preserves his energy more, so he no longer goes out to the flank for a nutmeg or trick-shot, but with one ball into the box he can create a goal.”