Gigi Buffon believes giving the Number 10 shirt to Paulo Dybala is a “wonderful signal” as he can wear the shirt with honour.

Speaking to the press ahead of Juve’s Supercoppa match against Lazio, the Juve skipper gave his thoughts on the Bianconeri’s new Argentine Number 10.

“I think giving Dybala the Number 10 is a wonderful signal and it puts more responsibility on his shoulders. A talent like Dybala can honourably wear the Number 10 for Juventus and I don’t know anyone else who could represent it better,” Buffon told the Press conference.

“We are happy and satisfied to be here playing another Italian Super Cup. I lived my life trying to extrapolate the positives from the negatives. I have a strange sense of euphoria and joy.

“Tomorrow is a new challenge and a very important test for us. I see the Juve defence much the same as other years, it’s strong and will as always be a point of strength for us.

“We have everything in place to play a great game, which is what the event demands. Aside from the opponent, who in recent years always struggled against us, they had difficulty because we always respected them.

“We hope this trophy cabinet can get even fuller and we start the season on the right foot. There have been some changes and so it would be auspicious to begin well.

“In 100-odd years of Serie A football, nobody had ever won six in a row before, so our numbers are extraordinary. The danger is that you cannot win eternally. The other teams have reinforced, but we are convinced that we’ll still be up there.

“It’s hard to say in August who the best side is in Serie A – it’s a bit like howling at the moon. You might feel better, but it doesn’t really help. The real tests are coming up and we’ve always been ready when it counts.

“We’ll see our desire to amaze, our determination and ferocity with which we want to prove that we’re the best.”