Former Juventus goalkeeper Gianluigi Buffon has questioned the motive behind the Bianconeri’s current legal struggles.

Juve has been deducted 15 points for their use of capital gains and more punishment could come when the Prisma investigation finishes.

This has been a tough few weeks for the Bianconeri and now they risk missing out on a place in the top four.

Some leaks have emerged to show why authorities are after the Bianconeri, but not everyone is convinced and Buffon wonders if there is an agenda against his former club.

The Parma goalkeeper said via Calciomercato:

“I wait for the judicial procedures to be completed. But in the event of another harsh sentence in the space of seventeen years, considering that Juve is painted as power because it is a winner, I could not ask myself a question: is the masochistic power that self-flagella and or is it the antipower that wants to beat power?”

Juve FC Says

As the most successful club in the land, we are an easy target for investigators and they will be keen to ensure they use us as scapegoats.

We now have to work hard to defend ourselves and trust the club to employ the best lawyers for the case.

But the players must hit top form and begin to win as many matches as possible on the pitch.