Juventus captain Gianluigi Buffon berated the team, delcaring “We wear the Juventus shirt and must do it justice.”

Speaking to Mediaset after Juve’s disappointing loss to Sassuolo, the Juve skipper had some strong words for his teammates.

“This defeat was something we really wanted to avoid, seeing as we were doing better recently,” the goalkeeper told the media outlet.

“I wasn’t angry with the referee, I just spoke with respect and accepted his decisions. I am very disappointed by the first half performance.

“If we were a provincial team, I’d be satisfied with the reaction when down to 10 men, but seeing as we are Juventus and we have different objectives, I can only be upset.

“There could’ve been excuses three or four weeks ago, but after the injured players returned and we played two or three games very well, we cannot get the first half as wrong as we did tonight.

“I think we have a large squad of quality and men who can change places without problems, but if we play like we did in the first half, failing to win a single challenge and failing to string three passes together, we can’t blame a single area of the team.

“We all played badly. The first half was simply unacceptable. I am stunned, as I am the captain and it hurts my soul to see my team dominated like that, to see my team not realise how important this game is and what attitude to take.

“There was also too much arguing with the referee. Talking about the referee all the time is what losers do and we do not stoop to that level. We wear the Juventus shirt and must do it justice.”