Juventus keeper Gigi Buffon believes that it’ll take at least a year until we see the ‘real Sarri’ and his Juventus team.

The Juve veteran was speaking to DAZN ahead of the Bianconeri’s Coppa Italia final match against Napoli at the Stadio Olimpico.

Sarri has attracted criticism for Juve’s recent performance against Milan, but Buffon believes it’ll take time before we see the best of him.

“In my opinion, we have seen him in flashes for various vicissitudes,” Gigi began,  “The first month we lost him for many days because he had that very intense health discomfort.

“Those are generally days when a coach makes his own imprint on the team, and he had been missing for almost a month.

“He has not had the opportunity to express all his knowledge. I believe that in the next year we will have the opportunity to see the real Sarri and the real ‘Juve di Sarri.

“After so many years of a certain job, when you make a change, the individual stimuli and the desire to be ready and beautiful responsive to the indications of a new coach always make the difference.”

There were flashed of ‘Sarrismo’ against Milan but it wasn’t maintained throughout the whole game.

“We played 45 minutes of a very high level in terms of intensity, speed and movement of the ball and played in the channels.

“Something that perhaps has distanced us from what Juve’s vision was in the last 8-9 years.”

Cristiano Ronaldo had a mixed game against Milan but the Portuguese forward was playing out of position for much of the match.

“He is a champion of football history, he is undeniable – He is a player with a determination, a ferocity, a mentality that I have found, to date, in no one.

“If at 35 years of age, he is still on this stage and often manages to make the difference and be decisive, this is certainly thanks to the qualities that mother nature has given him, but also to his mental difference compared to many other players.

“The reaction in Juve-Milan? I consider it a more than normal reaction. A champion like him does not like to be replaced, this reaction therefore shows that we are dealing with an extraordinary player, with an extraordinary pride.

Another fundamental player for Juventus this season is Paulo Dybala who made a contribution in almost all the big matches.

“I see him in good shape. He has the awareness that he can be decisive, either starting from the beginning or entering a game from the bench… For us, having a Paulo in this condition is a godsend.”

Antonio Conte’s Inter are out of all competitions but still in the running for the Serie A title this season.

“I know him very well and I know that he will play until the final game day. Inter-Juve? We looked forward to it because it was an important bench test.

“It was fundamental to give a signal of strength. Lautaro and Lukaku are a perfect attack partnership and ideal for the game that Antonio Conte wants to express.

“Lazio are not a surprise to me, rather they surprised me in the other years because they gave way too early to a leading role.

“With the coach they have, the players they have, at least 12-13, in my opinion it is a team which, perhaps this year, is outperforming, but it is not surprising because I have a great esteem for them. Lazio-Juventus 3-1? It was a result of unfortunate and fortunate situations for us. A game started badly and ended badly.”

After years as a number one choice goalkeeper, what is the secret to maintaining yourself?

“I am playing less this season, so naturally when I do step on to the field, I am more fired up than ever.

“The real secret to getting top performances is to cut down on the number of games you play, many of which don’t really grab you by the soul, so the ones I do play are experienced with great intensity.

“Of course, I am also physically well-rested and therefore in good shape, too.”