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Buffon’s partner reveals how the legend keeps breaking his retirement promises

October 27, 2021 - 10:45 pm

As football fans, we’re always overjoyed when one of our favorite players decides to prolong his playing career. We’re simply terrible at goodbyes.

However, such decisions also affect the lives of the players’ loved ones who can be left disappointed.

Just ask Italian journalist Ilaria D’Amico, who happens to be the partner of one of the oldest active players in Italian football.

The TV host claims that Gianluigi Buffon keeps promising her that he’ll retire from football to spend more time with her, only to delay the decision year after year.

“I am aware that Gigi tells me stupid things every year. At a certain point, he tells me he will stop, he promises me that we will have an incredible summer, that we will make a journey to discover Italy,” said D’Amico during an appearance on Radio 2 via ilBianconero.

“However, he ends up changing his mind come May. He is a forge of talent and motivation, he is a true driver, of himself and his companions. Gigi is generous, he gets his hands dirty in the locker room, he is a wonderful human being.”

Juve FC say

Despite all the critics he received amidst his return to Serie B side Parma, Buffon’s decision to extend his career must be respected.

The legend gave a lot for Juventus, Italy and the sport, and if he still enjoys playing professional football at the age of 43, then let it be.

Ilaria might be one of the few persons who was negatively affected by the decision, but she surely admires Gigi for his desire to challenge himself at an advanced playing age.

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