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“But until the end we believed in it” Bonucci reacts to Juventus’ end of season

May 24, 2021 - 5:00 pm

Leonardo Bonucci delivered a long message on social media after Juventus finally secured a top-four finish.

This has been an inconsistent season for them with Andrea Pirlo struggling to lead them to another league title.

Inter Milan won the Scudetto and the Bianconeri had to wait until the last day of the season to confirm that they will play in the Champions League next season after Hellas Verona drew with Napoli.

This has been a tough campaign for the Bianconeri and one that looked like their rivals relished in their misery.

The likes of Inter and AC Milan saw an opportunity to end Juve’s dominance in Serie A with an inexperienced Pirlo as the Bianconeri head coach.

They may have lost the league title, but winning two cups and finishing inside the top four has to be seen as a good start to the revolution they plan to undertake under Pirlo.

Bonucci wrote a long message on his Instagram account and talked about how naysayers were ready to laugh at and bury them for a poor end to the season but didn’t get the chance to achieve that.

He posted an image of a jubilant Juve team and captioned it: 

“They were all ready, they were there waiting for the final moment to be able to do what they like best.

“But they hadn’t come to terms with the pride of this group, with the mentality of this team, with the motto of this club.

“It’s true, this season has been fluctuating, great performance and then other less beautiful, points lost on the way and they usually do not we lost. But in the end of the season is what you get on the field.

“Two trophies awarded to team. a goal-centered when already everyone was ready to give us the funeral, to rejoice over something not achieved.

“But UNTIL THE END we believed in it and we got it and in the end we rejoiced. Aware of how difficult a year like this has been for our fans too. We missed you.

“We will meet again next year at our house. At Juventus Stadium and in the Champions League.

“And even if we didn’t achieve the big goals, we had the opportunity to celebrate important and valuable trophies and successes. For ten years it has happened repeatedly. The rest is chatter.


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    Martinn May 24, 2021 at 8:45 pm

    Verona saved our season. Sorry to be blunt but it is true. We’ve had some great games but too many disasters. We need to rebuild our reputation as a great team to be feared which is in tatters