Last night, Rai Tre aired a documentary on Calciopoli, the scandal that rocked Italian football in the summer of 2006.

At the time, Juventus emerged as the main protagonists in the shady affairs that ensued during that period. The club was accused of having special bonds with referees and was demoted to Serie B. The Bianconeri were also stripped of two Scudetto titles.

Nonetheless, many believed that others who escaped unharmed had also committed similar infringements, but managed to avoid punishment for one reason or another.

Juventus fans had often pointed the finger towards Inter who benefitted the most from the scandal, allowing the club to usher in a long-awaited winning dynasty between 2006 and 2010 with the Old Lady pushed aside.

Therefore, the words of then-Naples public prosecutor will surely boost this theory. Giandomenico Lepore admits that Inter should have been next in line, but the whole investigation was leaked in the press, which complicated the situation.

“We started with Juventus because we had more elements, but we had to move on to other teams,” admitted Lepore during his appearance in the documentary as published by Calciomercato.

“There were other teams too, almost all of them , let’s face it. One day, Espresso reported all the interceptions. The telephones were automatically closed and only Juventus remained.

“We had our suspicions, but we never had any evidence. We don’t know. If we had gone ahead, there would have been other teams. After Juventus, we were ready to investigate Inter.”