Former Juventus director Luciano Moggi has not been acquitted as his sentence has been written off as the long-running calciopoli trial comes to an end.

The final verdict was delivered late last night and as a result, Moggi has had his sentence written off as the statute of limitations had expired.

Deliberations continued for almost six hours and the final verdict announced by the Supreme Court cleared Moggi of two counts of sporting fraud.

The initial sentence of two years in prison for criminal conspiracy was written off however it’s important to note that Moggi was not acquitted, but rather that the statute of limitations had expired and as such, the sentence could not be enforced.

Antonio Giraudo, another former Juve director will also avoid a prison sentence due to the statute of limitations.

Paolo Bertini and Antonio Dattil, both former referees, were also acquitted by the Supreme Court however the appeal of Massimo De Santis was rejected; De Santis had previously accepted a 10-month suspended prison sentence.

The prosecution against the acquittals of referees Paolo Dondarini, Gianluca Rocchi and Tiziano Pieri as well as AIC President Tullio Lanese was rejected by the court.

The reasoning behind the dropping of some but not all the charges will be released by the court but this could take several weeks to be published.

“This has been an unpleasant thing, and it’s all ended up in nothing.” Moggi told reporters outside the court house

“In nine years it’s been established that the League was regular, the selection [of the referees] was regular and that there were no communications.”