Chiesa and Pogba

Can Pogba and Chiesa returning save Allegri from the sack?

October 21, 2022 - 10:36 am

Max Allegri is the luckiest manager in the world still to have a job at Juventus despite their dismal campaign.

He won five consecutive league titles in his first spell as the club’s manager, making him one of the best managers in the world.

It was a surprise that Juventus relieved him of his duties in 2019 to bring Maurizio Sarri on as his replacement.

The ex-Chelsea boss won the Italian league, but his team generally did not do much better than Allegri’s.

The Bianconeri effected another change of management for the 2020/2021 season, this time, they turned to Andrea Pirlo, but the ex-midfielder also left after just one season.

Allegri returned to his post for the 2021/2022 term, with fans hopeful he will bring the glory days back.

Most people knew the Juve team he inherited was in poor shape, especially after Cristiano Ronaldo left the club.

It was hoped that Allegri would bring back quality football to the Allianz in the same way you get quality at when you visit their site but alas, it has not worked out as well for the manager as was envisioned.

The Bianconeri ended a season without a trophy on Allegri’s return for the first time in a decade.

That saw the club invest heavily in the squad last summer, hoping to ensure no repeat of that poor season.

But this campaign could be worse and it doesn’t seem like Juve made any signings in the last window the way they have been playing.

After seeing most of his new buys flop, Allegri made us believe the absence of Federico Chiesa and Paul Pogba, both long-term injury absentees, is why his team is struggling.

Luckily, both players have returned to partial first-team training and the latter could even play in Juventus’ next Champions League game.

Allegri must feel he will soon run out of excuses when these players begin to play often. Could their absence indeed be the reason Juve is struggling?

Pogba had an underwhelming spell at Manchester United before returning to the Allianz Stadium, so there is no guarantee he is the same player Juve had between 2012 and 2016.

Chiesa was not in his best form after Euro 2020 before his long-term injury struck, and there were already questions about how Allegri used the attacker.

Judging by these factors, there is no guarantee that Juventus will get better when Chiesa and Pogba start playing.

It will be the biggest test of Allegri’s credentials and if the Bianconeri remains poor on the pitch with them in the team, it will be a clear sign that Max no longer has the magic touch he possessed in his first spell.

Hopefully, his team will stay in form and earn a top-four place at the end of the campaign because failure to achieve that will have disastrous consequences.

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