Fabio Cannavaro reiterated that the titles that he won with Juventus during his first two years with the club were done so on the pitch.

The former Italy and Juve defender spoke on Instagram about his spell with the club and in particular, the two titles that were taken away during Calciopoli.

“The regret is that all that mess happened after two years in which I had some incredible performances,” he began.

“I can’t enjoy the two titles that we sweated to win on the pitch. It was such a strong team that nobody could believe that mess when it came out.

“Then there was Real Madrid’s offer. I didn’t want to leave at all costs. At that moment Juve had to sell players to get rid of some important salaries.

“The boys who remained did something exceptional, bringing Juve back to the place they belong.

“When you go to Juventus you understand the difference between playing football and winning.

“In Italy you are either a Juventus fan or you hate them. When you go there you realize why they make a difference.”