Fabio Capello has commented on the end of Max Allegri’s tenure at Juventus, insisting that there were behind-the-scenes issues that provoked the manager’s reaction during the Coppa Italia final.

Juventus dismissed Allegri after he won just one trophy in three seasons. Although the club had planned for him to remain until the end of the season, his outburst following the Coppa Italia victory led to his early departure.

Allegri is generally known for his calm and positive demeanour, often focusing on the positives during press conferences. Throughout the season, he has been diplomatic in his responses to questions about his future, striving to stay focused on finishing the season properly.

Capello’s remarks suggest that the tensions and internal issues at the club culminated in Allegri’s uncharacteristic behaviour, ultimately costing him his job.

Speaking on Allegri’s outburst, Capello said, as quoted by Calciomercato:

“The truth is that his career speaks for him, Allegri is someone who deserves respect. His reaction at the end of the match surprised me because it was clearly not a simple competitive fit, but he was hiding something deeper. With Giuntoli’s arrival in the club, the atmosphere changed and he felt this, realizing day after day that the rumours concerning him were true, and then, with a cup in his hands, pride comes out.”

Juve FC Says

Allegri’s action is hardly justified because he has been a manager long enough to know what to do.