Journalist Carlo Nesti has provided his analysis of Juventus’ difficulties in the recent Serie A season and has shared his perspective on why they failed to secure a top-four finish.

The Bianconeri experienced a tumultuous campaign both on and off the field, ultimately resulting in a deduction of ten league points. Despite the challenges, Max Allegrdeserves recognition for navigating such a challenging period and leading Juventus to a position that would have secured a Champions League spot if not for the points deduction.

However, fans may still feel that the team could have achieved better results, particularly by securing a place among the top four. Nesti offers his insight into the reasons behind their failure, stating via Tuttojuve:

“If Juventus failed to secure a top-four position, there are two main reasons. Firstly, the legal and financial obstacles that plagued the team throughout the season, resulting in a series of penalties that have been modulated and remodeled for months, as Allegri himself has described.

“Secondly, the team suffered from the absence of key players such as Pogba, Di Maria, and Vlahovic, which weakened an already fragile tactical system under the guidance of the Livorno coach.”

Juve FC Says

Nesti has his opinion about our season and it probably isn’t so far from the truth, but that is not our problem at this end of the season.

Our focus should be on preparing well for the next campaign so that we can end it in a fine fashion.