Juventus has a very big squad with players from different continents coming together to form the group.

This means they have one of the most diversified dressing rooms around, and they can easily name a squad with many nationalities in it.

As different as their nationalities and their faces are, their characters are also very diverse.

Some of them would be more vocal than others in the dressing room, while others would likely speak less.

One way to know that is to ask an insider, and the Juve goalkeeper, Carlo Pinsoglio, has now revealed the quietest player in the Bianconeri squad.

The 32-year-old said, as quoted by Calciomercato: “Rabiot is a little quieter and more reserved.”

Juve FC Says

Even on the pitch, Rabiot is very quiet, and he maintains a body language that makes him seem uninterested at times.

But the midfielder gets the job done for his manager even though most fans believe he does not do that.

His off-field life is also notoriously private, and he has minded his business all his professional life.

Regardless of who he is, as long as he keeps contributing to Juventus, he would remain a key player for us.