Antonio Cassano has been one of the critics of Juventus under Max Allegri and he was unimpressed by how Juve celebrated their 1-0 win against Verona.

The Bianconeri have struggled this season, but they recently started putting wins together to help themselves get back towards the top of the league table.

Beating Verona has helped them maintain a winning run that stretches to five matches.

They have also been solid at the back, but Juve is one of the biggest clubs in the world and should beat Verona with a healthier score.

The Bianconeri celebrated the slim victory and have started working on their plans for the game against Lazio.

But Cassano believes they over-celebrated a win they struggled to get against a team that is having a bad season.

He said via Football Italia:

“The disgust continues! Juventus is disgusting, winning in Verona without taking a shot on target, an obscene disgrace and their coach is happy. 

“By now the season is marked, I can’t think that Juventus, playing with the bottom team in the table, didn’t even take a shot on target.”

Juve FC Says

Cassano is one of our biggest critics and we do not expect him to enjoy us celebrating wins.

However, we are in a bad period as a club and every win we get matters in our bid to return to the best shape.

These wins have boosted the confidence of our players and we expect them to keep getting more before this term finishes.