Antonio Cassano has defended Juventus after the Bianconeri were given a 15-point deduction as a penalty for financial irregularities.

Juve remains one of the biggest clubs in the world and arguably the largest in Italy, which means they could make some financial decisions that other Serie A sides cannot.

However, an investigation into their dealings in the last few seasons revealed that the Bianconeri deliberately used capital gains to their advantage.

Juve has now been docked 15 points, but former Roma star Cassano insists they shouldn’t be the only club punished for the act.

He said via Football Italia:

“I will just say that if the law applies to Juventus, it has to apply to all the Italian clubs.

“Obviously, Juve warrants 50 pages in the newspapers, whereas the other clubs are all little sidebars. Let us not kid ourselves that only Juve did this: if they did this, then other clubs did too and they must all be punished.”

Juve FC Says

Cassano is not one of the pundits who love Juve. However, even he knows the Bianconeri are being treated unfairly by the authorities.

The club intends to appeal the decision and hopes they can get it overturned because it will affect their standing this season seriously if it is upheld on appeal.