Antonio Cassano has become one of Juventus’ biggest critics in this campaign and the former AS Roma player has revealed how it has affected his relationship with Max Allegri.

Cassano is often on Bobo TV criticising Juve from how they play to some of Allegri’s decisions.

The Juve gaffer is one of the most positive managers in the world when he speaks and he always has something good to say in interviews, even when his team has lost matches.

However, it seems the criticism from Cassano has gotten to him and the former attacker claims the Juve gaffer no longer calls him.

He said via Calciomercato: “Mr. Allegri, since I have been doing Bobo TV he no longer calls me, he does not send me any more messages, he will be offended”

Juve FC Says

When you’re constantly attacking an individual and his work, how do you expect them to maintain contact with you?

Cassano needs to understand that Allegri is only human and has the right to make decisions, including keeping and ending relationships.

He has chosen to be a critic and Allegri has decided to keep a distance from him, which is all fair.