Former Italy international Antonio Cassano insists Juventus’ problem is its manager who has passed his best.

The Bianconeri are being managed by Max Allegri, who won five consecutive league titles for them in his first spell as their manager.

The gaffer was considered one of the best in the world before he returned to Turin last season.

His second coming has not been successful, and it seems a mistake no one will admit.

The team struggles to play an attractive brand of football and it also does not win enough matches to show they have what it takes to remain one of the biggest in the world.

Players have been blamed for their poor showings, but Cassano insists the manager is the problem.

He said via Il Bianconero:

“The team can’t stand him anymore. From last Villarreal, they had to send him away. The worst and most inconceivable thing is that when he talks with his arrogance he says we’ll get out of it. He’s sucking, Juve is out of everything in October. moment he has to retrace his steps and study and update himself. 

“Pioli can teach him. A cycle has ended with the coach, not with the team who knows the potential he has. Allegri is presumptuous, he always looks at his pocket. I doubt he can find one. First Category team in the future.”

Juve FC Says

Allegri proved to be a solid manager in his first spell at the club and that is one reason he remains on the bench of the Bianconeri so far.

However, we have to get past that and make our decision about him based on how his team is doing now.