Seems that we have been transported back in time to the era of Fabio Capello’s Juve. At least judging by all the recent 1-0 scorelines. Jokes aside, while the goals may have dried up, Juve are still winning. Plus aside from the Mario Gomez goal in Europa League no team has scored against Juve since Chievo did on February 16th, 2014. In other words I am not complaining. Now let’s rate the ragazzi.

Storari: 6. Did he have to make a save? Not really, Catania didn’t have any shots on target. Hopefully Storari had some fun apps on his phone to kill the time.

Bonucci: 6.5. Good game from my man Leo, oddly though Chiellini and Caceres seemed to be doing the bulk of the long ball passing (Storari too) which is usually Bonucci’s domain. Still, he, and the other centerbacks, had a fine game.

Caceres: 6.5. Had that really cool flying clearance early on, otherwise was solid in back. Glad to see him playing more this year, though it is unfortunate that injuries have played a part in that.

Chiellini: 7. He gets a bit extra as he was just as good as the other two CBs when defending but also added a good amount in the attack. Two key passes is a nice amount for any defender, let alone Chiellini who can sometimes be really lousy in attack.

Lichtsteiner: 6. Would have liked more crossing, especially once Llorente came on, but he also did a good job of keeping possession when pinned at the corner flag by defenders, he would dribble out of trouble and pass to a teammate – usually Vidal.

Isla: 6. Not bad, not very good either though. Still, after his terrible first year and a half with Juve, it’s nice to see Isla finally putting together a string of good games.

Asamoah (67′): 6. He wasn’t any better than Isla, though his playing time came after Juve took the lead. I think if he had been on the whole game he would have been more of an influence. Obviously.

Pirlo: 7. It’s not so often to see Pirlo completely dictating Juve’s attack. It was the case in his first year at Juve, and for most of last season, but this season Juve’s tactics have evolved. Today, Pirlo created it all. His long ball led to the Tevez goal (though Osvaldo had the official assist) and it was a vintage Pirlo long ball.

Vidal: 6. It’s a testament to Vidal’s skill that he can get a team leading six tackles and still only have an “average” game. I’m sure playing alongside Padoin didn’t make things easier. That said, he also missed a total sitter sending the ball basically into orbit.

Padoin: 6. Similar game to that of Isla, although Padoin was of course more involved as he is a midfielder. Was not a liability but man I was wishing Marchisio was fit and Pogba wasn’t suspended whenever Padoin touched the ball.

Tevez: 7. He scored the winning goal, what more can you ask of a striker? Also did his usual hustling all around the field and creating chances for others bit.

Giovinco (87′): s.v. Was on at the death of the game. No time to really do anything.

Osvaldo: 5.5. Perhaps a harsh grade as he assisted Tevez’ goal, but aside from that he didn’t give us much today. Tried to score a fancy goal when he thought he was offside, in reality he was onside and he blew a solid scoring chance.

Llorente (64′): 5.5. Given that he had half an hour with Tevez, I expected more from Llorente. Had some nice hold up plays but when it was his turn to do something his pace was found to be lacking versus Catania’s backline.

Let’s hope Juve can keep this winning streak alive versus Parma on Wednesday. They have an undefeated streak of their own to defend. Last time they lost? When they played us in the fall.